What are the advantages of flexible learning environments?

Tue 1 Dec 2020

In the fast-paced world that we live in, many people are turning to blended and flexible learning to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree alongside other commitments and full-time work – the image of the typical university student is no longer uniquely associated with the fresh-faced 18-year-old.

What’s more, the digital nomad culture of the 21 century has also called upon universities to adapt to the needs of those who wish to work from all over the world.

Falmouth University’s PGCHE offers students the chance to develop their knowledge and skills in using online learning delivery and responds to the growing focus on developing the highest standards in teaching and learning that combines traditional teaching with e-learning – let’s take a look at some of the advantages of flexible learning and how it can benefit students.  

Convenient and easy-to-use learning platform

Online learning platforms are more sophisticated and fit-for-purpose than ever before and you don’t have to be a tech pro to study online; you simply need an internet connection to access resources. Falmouth Flexible uses Canvas, one of the most up-to-date online learning systems that gives students a comprehensive induction session to allow you to get acquainted with the navigation. Technical support is always on-hand – everything is designed to allow you to immerse yourself in the set tasks, rather than worry about the functionality of the learning system.

Flexible/blended learning environments still allow you to interact with others

Many people have preconceptions about online learning, believing that it might be isolating for students. However, courses have come a long way since their beginnings and the PGCHE at Falmouth encourages student-tutor and student-student interaction; you will participate in class discussions, upload and share examples of your developing practice and receive continuous feedback from your E-tutor about your work.

Access all the resources the university has to offer despite being off-campus

Choosing flexible learning doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make the most of what the university has to offer. Whilst you study with us you’ll have access to:

  • 27/7 online access to library resources.
  • Students’ Union community.
  • Access to the Student Support Services offering academic and personal support.
  • Access to Student Advisors who can point you in the direction of relevant sources or support and advice.

Fit everything around your lifestyle  

The clue is in the name – ‘flexible’ learning means the experience fits in with your lifestyle. Yes there are deadlines, but you choose when you study and where. The PGCHE at Falmouth embraces a ‘learning by doing’ philosophy and you will discover what its like to learn and teach both face-to-face and online through your own learning experience completing the course.

Here at Falmouth University we have used the advantages of the latest technology, combined with the best ways of online teaching, to create the ideal learning environment for people with busy lives, but high ambitions. Find out more about our PGCHE course

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