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Hear from current students in our Q&A:

Mat Chacon (MA Photography) and Shadia Ousta Doerfel (MA Illustration) discuss how they were supported to evolve and grow creatively throughout their programmes.

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You don't need to be a tech head at all. You don't need to have any prerequisites apart from the will to just be deconstructed, to be reconstructed by the course. Because I think one thing I didn't quite fully appreciate, as my mother said, isn't it just a bit of drawing? I'm like, no, it's not just a bit of drawing. There's a whole theory aspect as well to it.

So it wants to know who you are as an aestheticist, as an artist, as an Illustrator, as a practitioner. And then through the exercises, through the practical exercises, and through the research that you'll do, and even just the general development, you'll find out what suits you best. And I would also say, part of that journey is to expect the unexpected. We were told at the beginning to trust the process. Because I found the initial semester quite hard only because I wasn't used to thinking in a certain way and I wasn't used to looking at what I was doing in a certain way. But by the end of it, it was the making of me.


- So I did that and actually turned that project into two separate exhibitions. And I've really been just pushing that project throughout the programme. It's evolved into something completely different than what it started. Like it's not even at all what it was when it started.

And I would say, with the help of the instructors, a couple of them in particular, they've really pushed me to stretch and evolve my practice. And not only have I evolved honestly outside of more photojournalism, which is what I would really focus on before, I've evolved into more fine art photography, which I dabbled in before. And as a result of that project, and just that helpful guidance, and that evolution, I've advanced into multiple exhibitions, two very successful here in Seattle. And that led to a couple long-term collaborations where I've been able to license my photography to be displayed in-- its fine art photography, but with a photojournalistic aesthetic actually. And the guidance of the instructors really helped me do that. So I've been able to license that photography to get displayed in like hotels and offices around the world. And it's been quite lucrative, to be honest with you, which is something I did not expect from a research program in an MA in photography. But it's been nice, and I'm very happy with the results.


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