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At Falmouth, we’re here to support you. As a flexible learning student, you are not on your own. In fact, you are at the centre of a network of support services and staff committed to your success.  

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As a flexible learning student, you are part of a global community. Don’t be shy – reach out, discuss and collaborate with like-minded peers and learn from a wealth of diverse cultural perspectives.  

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[MUSIC PLAYING] - For me I work full time. So during the week, so the course is really flexible. Everything is recorded. You can listen to lectures in your own time. You can contact the-- some of the webinars are in the evening, so it meant that I could attend the module, the tutor groups in the evening, which all fits around my work life. Though for me that's great. And I can work at the weekends and just submit my work online as in when I'm ready to do it.

And I love Cornwall, is that a good reason? So that's a really good reason, I think. And I was able to come and do farmers face to face in the summer where we came down and did workshops in the Institute of Photography, so it's fantastic. It's a great course, I love it


- I think so much of what Falmouth gives is that confidence and that bush and very subtly. But you achieve so much on your course that you can't help but go. Well, actually I can do that out in the real world. And my very easy answer, yes, I've bought new job since I started. So I went for interviews just as I was finishing my final major project, don't recommend that, and that was quite stressful.

But yeah, I landed the job before I finished my degree. So I really wanted when I started. And so for me it was-- The course feels very related to real life and to industry. So when I was doing those interviews, I was really able to talk about how events work in the background, but also talk about those really big board issues. So how does sustainability, the impact of COVID affect events and what might I suggest to help combat that or how the charity continue to grow in times of difficulties.


Especially for me, just that confidence that you take in so much. The level of detail on the masters is so much that you're able to understand that when you're looking at our given example, marketing, you're really able to go into those decision making moments in your professional career. And you've got such a background of knowledge of how marketing works and events, what people are looking for, how you want to target something.

That level stays with you and stays with me since I've gone.


And I remember in the first module, we had to do a film in a partway through. We had to make a film. And I was absolutely terrified particularly watching some of the films that are the examples on Canvas. I say, all these students have done these films, have a watch of them. And the first one I watched it said, hi, my name is whatsoever, I've been working for the BBC. And I was like, oh, my God. There's no way I'm going to be able to do this.

- How on Earth can I rise to this challenge? I had bought a new Mac, I didn't know how to use it. I phoned my son in tears because I couldn't use it. And he said, mom, I can't help you, you need to do a tutorial, get on YouTube, do a tutorial, learn how to do it. And that's one of the main things about the courses is being open to learning new things and new programs and meeting new people and just getting involved.

And as Kerry said, ask questions. If you're stuck, just ask the question because somebody's out there, whether it's your tutor or your peers somebody will be able to help you always.


Graduation and beyond

Get your award in person

Celebrate your academic achievements with family and friends by attending graduation on campus.

As a flexible learning student, you are invited to travel to Falmouth University, to take part in our prestigious graduation ceremony where you will formally be awarded your degree alongside your peers.

After graduation

The support doesn't end when you complete your course. As alumni, expand your professional network through Falmouth Connect.

Make contact with fellow graduates and advance your career through inside connections working in top companies.

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