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Why study online
with Falmouth?

  • Study without relocating, taking a career break, or applying for a visa
  • Learn from Falmouth academics who are experts in their field
  • Get the industry knowledge and contacts your CV needs
  • Get support from your dedicated Student Advisor
  • Learn via our easy-to-use online platform
  • Grow your network at optional face-to-face events
  • Get a degree that’s equal to those given on campus
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Course advisor support

Our course advisors are here to advise you on whether an online masters degree could help you achieve your aspirations and take the next step in your career.

They will guide you through the application process and answer any questions you may have.  

Call our friendly and knowledgeable team on +44 (0)1223 447713.

What's the process?

1. Pre-application

  • Check out our courses
  • See if you are eligible
  • Check whether a portfolio or writing sample is needed
  • Find out the cost
  • Research your funding options
  • Discover how you'll learn online

2. Application

  • Talk to a course advisor
  • Write your personal statement
  • Get your supporting documents together
  • Submit your application online
  • Apply for funding (if applicable)

3. Start your course

  • Receive your offer
  • Pay your acceptance fee (if applicable)
  • Get a demo of the online learning platform
  • Pay your first instalment
  • Login to the online learning platform (you will receive a link via email)
  • Start learning online with Falmouth Flexible!

“The help and support we get from our module leader and tutors is exceptional. I feel closer to them than I did to my professors at my undergraduate university even though I met them on a regular basis.”

Onna Rageth, MA Creative Events Management

“I found the whole process and the interaction with my peers online really beneficial. The depth of the discussions that we were having was actually far greater than any face-to-face course that I’ve ever done.”

Lucy Cokes, PGCHE

Watch our video on how you'll learn

So how does it work?

We have developed an approach to online learning that blends innovative ways of accessing lectures with discussions with your classmates and tutors to get their perspectives with practicing it.

To help your understanding, you access everything through an easy to use online platform.

Your course content your connections with other students and tutors and rich learning resources. And a dedicated student advisor each week, a new topic will be unlocked.

Each topic consists of five steps.

Step one, an introduction from your tutor setting the context for what you are going to learn.

Step two lecture presentation your tutor breaks the week down into manageable chunks by topic and presents them in a way that is easy to understand. You are encouraged to share your thoughts with classmates and tutors on discussion boards.

Step three challenge activity within each topic, you are challenged to produce work to help your understanding. Having discussions with your classmates and tutors to improve this understanding further.

Step four. Everyone keeps a self-reflection journal to help embed your learning, which is assessed by your tutor at the end of the module.

Step five every week there is a webinar with your classmates.

You can choose one of a range of time slots for a live discussion on your topics and challenges.

A chance for face to face interaction and feedback with Falmouth.

Flexible learning you get the degree you've always wanted from a renowned University in a way that fits in with your life.

Falmouth flexible learning, life changing without changing your life.

Ready to start?

Online learning resources

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