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Tue 1 Dec 2020

Develop Your Critical Eye When You Pursue a Photography Degree Online
Online MA Degrees Let You Present Your Photography to the Public

As a photographer, you know that balancing art and professionalism in how you approach your work requires a significant amount of independent thought, effort, and practice. Maintaining a certain level of autonomy allows you to shoot creative, high quality photos that align with your broader artistic and career vision. However, this can sometimes make your own work somewhat inescapable; if you are completely immersed in your photography, as many driven photographers are, you might lose sight of new and innovative ways to improve your work.

An online Masters Degree in Photography is the perfect avenue through which you can gain a new perspective on your work, both in terms of how you see it yourself as well as the insights of others. Through an online Masters course at Falmouth University, you can do so in a flexible, convenient manner.

Develop Your Critical Eye When You Pursue a Photography Degree Online

In terms of day-to-day practice, photography is a very hands-on discipline. That being said, there is of course a deep theoretical background that underpins every excellent photo (and the photographer who shot it). Studying the contextual significance of your work can help you sharpen your practice and embark in new directions inspired by what you learn.

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Falmouth’s flexible Photography Masters course helps you connect theory and practice

When you pursue a photography degree online with Falmouth, you have the opportunity to participate in small group discussions and critiques. This allows you to develop critical perspective with regard to the work of your peers and to benefit from their input on your work and projects. Further, with Falmouth’s optional twice annual residential workshops that take place all over the world, you may also have the opportunity to critically engage with your peers in person, enhancing the impact of the diverse perspectives you will be exposed to in the programme.

Online MA Degrees Let You Present Your Photography to the Public

Photography Masters Degree programmes often come with the opportunity to showcase your work, and the Falmouth course is no exception. In addition to benefiting from your classmates input on your work, the final project for Falmouth’s Masters in Photography course–in part comprised of a substantial piece of independent visual work–requires an element of public engagement. Whether this is a formal showing, symposium, or photo book, the final project allows you to open your work to a wide range of perspectives, criticism, and praise that may have otherwise been difficult to come by.

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Present your work and benefit from diverse perspectives when you study photography at Falmouth

When combined with diligent feedback from Falmouth’s expert tutors, the public engagement component of the final project is an incredibly valuable opportunity for you to develop your work and see it from a perspective you had never considered.

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