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How is the course helping your career?

Nick Hodgson

"I feel so much more confident in how my own work is developing, as well as my knowledge of contemporary practitioners and thinking."

- Nick Hodgson, MA in Photography

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 "My network has significantly expanded [...] This I think is the important first step in bridging me from my current study to my future career."

- An, MA in Creative Events Management

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Josie Purcell

"My MA still informs and influences the way I work now. I have been commissioned for various environment-related art shows such as Of Earth-For Earth in 2020"

- Josie Purcell, MA in Photography

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Screenwriter using typewriter

"I'm very happy with the course so far. In just three months I have submitted my first-ever completed screenplay, a short film - something I never managed in my life before."

- Paul Caffrey, MA in Writing for Script and Screen

"Not only did my peers and tutors inspire me, but the course also made me believe in myself. Although the courage to get out and do ‘stuff’ was always in me, life had gotten in the way, and it helped me rediscover the joy photography brings me. It also evolved my thinking and developed my ‘voice’."

Josie Purcell, MA in Photography

"Completing this MA with Falmouth has been so much more than an experience of learning, it has ignited my passion for visual and audio storytelling and equipped me with the tools to and the confidence to bring it to life."

Helen Thompson, MA in Writing for Script and Screen

What's it like to study online with Falmouth Flexible?

Stanislav Shmelev

"Online gave me a lot of flexibility; I did not have to travel. The format fitted me perfectly also due to the various sessions abroad like our wonderful tour of Amsterdam’s UNSEEN photo festival."

- Stanislav Shmelev, MA in Photography

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Kerry Mann circle

"It's been seamless from start to finish and the online learning platform is great. The contacts that I've had with tutors and their expertise have been amazing. I feel like I've really developed a relationship with so many people."

- Kerry Mann, MA in Creative Events Management

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Onna Rageth

"Canvas, our online learning platform, is designed to use intuitively. The latter helped tremendously, I always liked to explore the content provided online."

- Onna Rageth, MA in Creative Events Management

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“I find it works perfectly alongside my freelance work, and considering most work is commissioned via email/social media nowadays it feels similar to how you would be briefed in the industry. I also like getting immersed in my work whilst listening to music or a podcast, no distractions (except my procrastination!).” 

Florrie Thomas, MA in Illustration

"I find the flexibility of the course empowering. I like knowing I can dip in and out of content when I have a free moment over lunch or can dedicate time after work to focus on my studies. I've always wanted to study for my master's degree but taking time out to do it was just not financially viable. This flexible way of working allows me to study while continuing to work and develop my professional practice."

Jamie Baldwin, MA in Graphic Design
Falmouth Flexible students sitting on bench
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