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Tue 1 Dec 2020

Add Weight to Your CV with Industry-recognised Credentials
Study at Your Own Pace while Mastering the Latest Technical Tools
Connect with Inspiring & Talented Advertising Professionals

A recent international survey revealed that 60% of master’s students go back to school for the sole purpose of improving their career prospects. They expect their master’s degree to qualify them for promotion, help them launch a new career, and most certainly earn them a bump in salary.

Does this sound familiar?

Master’s students want their degree to “pay off” with tangible returns, which makes perfect sense given the high percentage of grad students with families to care for and full-time jobs.

For business-minded creatives, a blended learning masters in advertising strategy & planning provides the ideal combination of flexibility and dependable employment outcomes. This field is growing, and needs professionals who understand the latest tactics and technologies.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade existing skills or break into the business, a blended learning masters in advertising can be the key to transforming your career. Here’s how.

Add Weight to Your CV with Industry-recognised Credentials

Many students wonder if an online degree programme is as reputable as traditional, on-campus alternatives. The truth is, it all depends on the university.

At Falmouth, blended learning students receive MA Advertising Strategy & Planning degrees identical to those awarded to on-campus students. There is no distinction between course content either, which is developed and delivered with the highest level of professionalism and quality.

But the best way to assess the value of a masters in advertising strategy & planning (online or otherwise), is to consult industry leaders who hire its graduates. After all, you’re investing in the advertising degree to advance your career with a top agency, commercial brand, or organisation.

Here’s what Tony Malcolm, Creative Director of global advertising agency Leo Burnett, has to say about Falmouth grads:

I’ve always been very impressed with the level of expertise demonstrated by Falmouth graduates. Their knowledge and understanding of the ever-shifting landscape is a testament to the work put in by the course leaders and the links they’ve forged.”  

When industry leaders recognise the value of an institution and its MA programmes, you can trust the credential will add weight to your CV and advance your career.

distance learning masters in marketing
Just-in-time advertising training helps students build the skills employers need most

Study at Your Own Pace while Mastering the Latest Technical Tools

For many master’s students using a blended learning platform, the chance to organise study time around their own schedules means less stress, and the chance to really dig into the learning process.

Professional transformation happens slowly, one assignment at a time, when the student has the opportunity to properly digest, discuss, and apply what they’ve learned.

Research shows that we remember only a tiny 10% of what we read, versus an impressive 90% of what we “do.” With their self-directed model, blended learning platforms get students “doing” right from the start.

At Falmouth, blended learning master’s students learn how to navigate a cutting-edge computer interface, explore the latest media channels, work in teams to develop advertising campaigns, and much more.

master in marketing and advertising
Blended learning advertising students get comfortable implementing digital tools and approaches

In a technology-driven field like advertising, learning online may actually offer students a competitive advantage—not to mention, help with balancing commitments at work and at home.

Here’s what Falmouth MA grad, Kelly Stevens says about the online learning experience:

Undertaking the MA as a distance learning student has given me everything I hoped for... a flexible timetable (so I can listen to a lecture and study when it suits me) and tutors who really know their craft. Most of all, it’s given me the confidence I needed...”

Connect with Inspiring & Talented Advertising Professionals

One of the great misconceptions about online learning is that it forces students to study in isolation, and strips away any potential for building fruitful networks in class and on campus.

In reality, the best blended learning MAs build networking into the curriculum through continuous contact with classmates, instructors, and collaborative projects.

Falmouth’s blended learning masters in advertising strategy & planning ensures regular access to personal tutors, ongoing chat forums, challenging group work, and twice yearly workshops for hands-on learning and networking. Additionally, since students come from across the globe, there’s no better way to build an international network of peers and industry influencers.

Falmouth’s Residential Workshops are organised to coincide with high profile industry events

Best of all, online MA students can reach out for help, or talk through assignments, whenever they need. There’s always someone on hand to advise, inspire, and motivate.

Are you considering a blended learning masters in advertising strategy & planning?

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