Get a Greener CV with Falmouth’s New Environmental Assessor Programme

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Events Management MA Students Gain Additional Professional Credentials
Events Professionals Reap the Rewards of Flexible Learning
Make a Real Difference in the Events Industry with A Greener Festival

As both Events Management students and professionals alike are aware, understanding the environmental impact of festivals, concerts, conferences, and other events and venues is becoming increasingly important, both from a PR perspective and an ecological one.

To stay at the forefront of the events management industry’s trends, Falmouth Flexible is introducing a new partnership programme with A Greener Festival (AGF), a non-profit organisation that works with event organisers and venues around the world to reduce their environmental impact. Now, students in the MA Creative Events Management course and other professionals in the events industry can become certified AGF Festival Assessors by completing a 2 week course that sits within Falmouth Flexible’s Sustainable Practice module, contributing to a greener and more sustainable events industry while bolstering their CVs.

Events Management MA Students Gain Additional Professional Credentials

The Sustainable Practice module is an ideal opportunity for Falmouth students to get an in-demand professional certification that could allow them to engage with a wide variety of real events before they even finish their Creative Events Management MA degrees.

AGF assessor training
Falmouth’s festival assessor module lets you put meaningful professional experience on your resume

Beyond the professional opportunities it offers students, this module also has immense educational value in its own right. By completing AGF Assessor Training, Falmouth Flexible MA students will learn about the most sophisticated approaches to environmental impact management that are being used in the events industry today, and will be able to demonstrate this knowledge to potential employers.

Events Professionals Reap the Rewards of Flexible Learning

Falmouth Flexible will also be offering AGF certification as a standalone course, making it an exciting opportunity for all events managers to add to their professional credentials. Offered entirely online, the course can be completed from anywhere in the world, and allows those enrolled to work around their existing professional and personal commitments.

Professionals will also be able to network with an international cohort of students pursuing their online Master’s Degree in Creative Events Management at Falmouth, helping them establish lasting industry connections that can help them maximise the impact of their new AGF certification.

Further, this path to A Greener Festival Assessor Certification offers excellent financial value as well. Professionals who complete the Sustainable Practice module will receive a 5% discount – equivalent to around £500 – if they decide to enrol in Falmouth’s MA Creative Events Management course, and Falmouth University will also be sponsoring an AGF scholarship for a student.



Make a Real Difference in the Events Industry with A Greener Festival

The Festival Assessor role is one that requires a deep and thorough engagement with events that are seeking the AGF Award. Assessors will meet with organisers, members of the audience, and sub-contractors, inspect the site and infrastructure, and ensure that the event’s environmental self-assessment matches its actual conditions.

Greener Festival assessor certificate 
AGF training can help you make the industry you care about more healthy and sustainable

This level of intensive and critical engagement with events is beneficial to experienced professionals and students alike – not to mention the events being assessed. By being exposed to the inner workings of many different events and analysing them through an environmental lens, you will be better equipped to address the eco-challenges facing events you manage in the future. This skillset can not only make you stand out to clients and employers, but also gives you the tools you need to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future for your industry.

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