MA Creative Events Management Face to Face Event

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Creative Events Management students will gather in Berlin for their next Face to Face event and visit the world-famous Christmas markets. 

This Falmouth Flexible event will include a series of activities that explore diverse aspects of the events industry with a focus on risk management as well as the intersection of sustainability, consumerism and tradition.

Over 50 million people visit Germany’s Christmas markets every year. These events, hosted in many of the major cities and towns in Germany, are rooted in tradition dating back to the 15th century. Analysts have suggested that the markets now generate revenue of nearly £5 billion and they provide employment for over 200,000 workers.

Using the lens of the Christmas market (weihnachtsmarkt), Creative Events Management students will explore the event practice issues of risk management in large scale non-ticketed events, and sustainability, consumerism and tradition.

To help students explore these issues in context, they will meet representatives from the Event Agency Berlin, one of the city’s leading event production companies, and from Albamy and QTEvents, both SMEs based in Berlin offering international event consultancy and management services.

Falmouth Flexible students can tailor the MA course to their particular interests within event management, whilst learning about the essential skills necessary to grow a career in this field. Find out more about the MA in Creative Events Management.

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