Why study an MA in Graphic Design online?

Tue 1 Dec 2020

If you want a real insight into what a course is like, nothing beats hearing from a current student!


Jamie Baldwin is studying on the Falmouth Flexible MA in Graphic Design, so we asked him about his experience on the course, including what it's like to learn online, what he thinks of the learning material, and how he feels the course will help him in his career. 


1) How are you finding the ‘flexible’ nature of the online learning platform?

I find the flexibility of the course empowering. I like knowing I can dip in and out of content when I have a free moment over lunch or can dedicate time after work to focus on my studies. 

2) What is your experience of the learning material so far? 

I have been fascinated with the breadth and depth of the content that has been provided. The books, webinars, and ideas have sparked interest in areas that I would not traditionally see in this field.

3) How are you finding the experience of working online?

Having the blog, 'ideas wall' and communicating through email works for me and my busy timetable. I can access the material at a time that suits me and with the internet on hand it is so easy to get lost in content and read around subject areas.

4) How is the dialogue between you and staff and you and fellow students? 

I've had positive dialogue with staff and fellow students, but I do think that we can get even better at discussing our ideas. 

5) Why did you sign up to the course?

I've always wanted to study for my master's degree but taking time out to do it was just not financially viable. This flexible way of working allows me to study while continuing to work and develop my professional practice. 

6) What are the most positive aspects of your learning experience so far?

The connection and conversations with industry professionals is something that I believe Falmouth do really well and here online is no exception. 

7) What areas could be improved?

While we are all encouraged to comment on the ideas wall I think us as students should make more of an effort to discuss our work and how we are getting on with tasks.

8) Do you feel value in your experience to date? 

I value the experience of studying with Falmouth and particularly this course. The connections and links with industry have been inspiring and encouraging. 

9) How do you feel about the course being a platform to explore global graphic design practice (as it grows) and your place within the industry, what opportunities can this examination of practice offer to your personal development or place in the industry?

When you are at university the opportunity to mix and meet a wide range of people is great; this platform opens that up on a global scale. I would like to see how the course develops over the years, connecting people from all over the world.

10) What do you hope to achieve from studying on this course?

My principle aim is to become a better designer. However, after just a few short weeks I have found interest in the wider industry. I've enjoyed writing (something that my school English teacher would laugh at) about design and hope that I can continue to grow in my understanding of design and the industry. 

11) What are your first impressions/ feedback in relation to the staff you are working with? Are you getting the right kind of support, inspiration, and guidance?

There is always someone you can turn to, it is just a case of asking as and when you need it. There have been times when I have been too busy with my day job to interact with teaching staff but I would always get a reply either through email, skype or the ideas wall.

12) Is this what you expected?

No, but that isn't a bad thing. I knew that the course would challenge me but had no idea it would challenge me in the way it has. 

13) What opportunities can this course offer to you, in your opinion?

The opportunity to take a deeper look at your self, the industry and the world around you, essentially helping you become more informed and a better graphic designer. 

14) Rate 1-10 how satisfied you are at this stage in your course.

I'm happy with the course, it isn't easy but nothing worthwhile is. I give it a 10. 

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