Why do businesses need graphic designers?

Tue 1 Dec 2020

In the image-conscious world of 2018, graphic design has never been more important and in many cases, cuts the foundation of a brand of business. But what are the specifics that make graphic designers indispensable? We explore this below….

Ensuring your business is memorable

Today more than ever before, a brand’s image begins with a great logo and colour scheme, which expands to all other areas of your brand design. Addressing your audience in a professional and functional way is not a simple feat and it can be difficult to look at your brand objectively where design is concerned.

Enlisting the help of a graphic designer will give you the opportunity to see your business from a different angle and present you with ideas you may not have considered – graphic design is a window and ‘first look’ into your business. Colour schemes and typefaces allow your audience a more sensory experience of your brand, something that may sound pretentious, but is actually proven to make a real difference!


Making a great first impression to clients, vendors and other organisations is essential and much of this comes from the visuals your brand has to offer. A cheap looking design risks presenting your business in an unflattering light and it can be difficult to shake this impression once it is instilled in your potential customers’ minds.

Graphic Design on laptop


The concept of graphic design extends beyond your logo and website and graphic designers can create visuals that will communicate your ideas in a way that words alone cannot.

Visuals are more prevalent than ever, as people do not have the time to consume a large amount of content when trailing through the internet to look for what they need. 70% of visitors to a site never come back and it’s generally smaller businesses who form a part of this category.

Give yourself the best possible chance of visitors returning to your site by communicating an eye-catching design.

Graphic design can inform other areas of your business

A good graphic designer can inspire new ideas and a new direction for your business and inform other areas of your business, for example, your website navigation and the kind of copy you create. Businesses need graphic designers!

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