How flexible learning courses lead into the creative sector

Tue 1 Dec 2020

How Flexible Learning Programmes Have Evolved With The Creative Sector
Creativity is a Central Component to Flexible Learning Courses

If you dread going into the office on Monday mornings, maybe it's time to give your career a boost by pursuing training in the booming creative sector. The creative industries are growing faster than any other business sector across most of the UK, including increasingly significant activity in less populated areas. Latest statistics show that British creative industries are taking a leading role in the UK's economic recovery, growing at almost twice the rate as the wider economy and showing no signs of slowing down.

As human ingenuity is the ultimate economic resource, there has been no better time to launch a fulfilling career based on creativity and innovation. Falmouth University is recognised throughout the world as a leading producer of entrepreneurial, globally focused and highly talented graduates. With Falmouth's Flexible Learning courses, students can flexibly pursue an MA from anywhere in the world without needing to pause their careers, relocate, or apply for a visa.

Here's why Flexible Learning is the ideal path to rewarding careers in the creative sector.

How Flexible Learning Programmes Have Evolved with the Creative Sector 

Becoming established in the competitive creative industries often involves additional challenges, partly because of navigating the vast range of potential career paths available. Creative individuals frequently find their niche on their own, proactively building a name for themselves, actively networking, and independently accumulating an impressive portfolio.

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Falmouth's Flexible Learning nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit

A key to Flexible Learning at Falmouth is the entrepreneurial spirit emphasised throughout each course that provides the confidence to turn ideas into commercial success. Nearly a third of Falmouth graduates set up their own business—four times higher than the UK average. The British government offers generous start-up grants, tax reliefs, inward investments and other programmes to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to find success from the beginning.

Creativity is a Central Component to Flexible Learning Courses

Falmouth's Flexible Learning courses represent the future of post-graduate education—globally accessible learning that adapts to the individual needs of working professionals. Industry-leading academics guide Master's students to reaching their full potential through concise lectures and supporting digital resources. Studying alongside and networking with talented peers from around the world, students develop the necessary flexible collaboration skills to thrive in the 21st century job market while acquiring valuable career contacts.

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Flexible Learning students can collaborate with international peers online

Learning with a state-of-the-art digital platform and a wealth of first-class support services, students gain essential insights into emerging industry opportunities and the creative process as they engage in hands-on activities and assemble their professional portfolios ahead of graduation. This type of flexible learning encourages students to adopt open and adaptive attitudes, enabling them to better make unexpected links between concepts and intuitively respond to rapidly shifting contexts.

Interacting with this dynamic material through flexible learning online is ideal preparation for continuously adapting to our transitioning society. As creative services tend to sustain themselves independently of the wider economy, growing strongly during the last global economic crisis, developing a strong foundation of applied skills and expertise through rigorous flexible learning may be the surest way to a long and fulfilling career.

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