Create Your Own Schedule for Success with Flexible Learning Programmes

Tue 1 Dec 2020

How Do Flexible Learning Programmes Work?
Flexible Learning Programmes Won’t Slow Your Career Down
Create Your Own Opportunities by Connecting with Your Online Master’s Classmates

A creative Master’s degree from a top-level university can be instrumental in helping you move forward in your career. It can open the door to exciting new possibilities, helping you to expand your skill-set, break into new areas, and qualify for more lucrative positions.

However, it is also a big commitment and busy professionals often struggle to juggle the demands of travelling to campus, attending classes, and completing projects with their existing professional and personal responsibilities.

Falmouth’s flexible learning model makes things much easier, allowing students from all over the world to fit their studies around their individual schedule while still obtaining a qualification from the UK’s No. 1 Creative University.     

How Do Flexible Learning Programmes Work?

A flexible learning programme provides both the freedom of an online course and the personalised support of a traditional classroom-based approach. Through Falmouth’s sophisticated virtual learning environment, students can study anywhere, anytime, while still enjoying guidance from highly qualified tutors through live feedback sessions.

This innovative format makes it easy to create your very own study schedule, allowing you to studying from home, your workplace, or on the move anywhere in the world, and complete your degree in a timeframe that suits you without making sacrifices in your professional or personal life.

Flexible Learning Programmes Won’t Slow Your Career Down

In order to stay relevant and visible in the industry, creative professionals need to keep working to build their resume, portfolio, and contacts.  Unfortunately, pursuing a traditional classroom-based Master’s programme can make this very difficult.

Not only can finding a programme with a schedule that suits you be a challenge, but specialised options like creative software development university courses are not always readily available everywhere. Students may find they need to take a career break and even relocate in order to get the training they want.

An online MA, on the other hand, allows you to put your career first. Falmouth’s online programmes are available to students from anywhere in the world, meaning you can get a degree from one of the UK’s most respected creative arts universities regardless of where you are based.

You can also continue to work full-time throughout your course, while still working towards building the skills you need to take your career to the next level. You might even find that you can put some of your new knowledge into action in your daily work before you finish, allowing you to take on new responsibilities or qualify for more rewarding job opportunities.

Create Your Own Opportunities by Connecting with Your Online Master’s Classmates

Because Falmouth understands how important networking is in the creative industries, the University’s MA programmes are also designed to encourage interaction between you and your fellow classmates. For example, students pursuing Falmouth’s online Master’s Degree in Creative App Development  regularly collaborate through group projects, online tutorials, and discussions, allowing them to make valuable connections with other creative professionals.

Falmouth’s other MA degrees offer similar opportunities for collaboration, and students also have the option of attending bi-annual residential workshops, which could be held at Falmouth or various other locations throughout the year, giving them the opportunity to meet with academic staff and fellow students face-to-face.

This unique environment can be instrumental in creating new opportunities for your future career, allowing you to expand your professional circle more widely than ever before as you exchange ideas with peers from all over the world.

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You can meet professionals from all over the world at Falmouth’s residential workshops

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