Pursue Your Passion with an Online Master's Degree in Photography

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Taking your Passion to the Next Level with an Online Masters Degree in Photography
How MA Degrees Develop Career Capital for your Passion

Creative passions spring from our deepest wells of self-expression and are thus intricately connected to how we process everything in our world. Although they are sometimes confused with being hobbies or pleasurable activities pursued outside of one's regular occupation, true passions are more than relaxing pastimes and demand our perseverance.

Passionate photography-lovers often make the perfect students in a Masters Degree in Photography because they are in it for the right reasons, instilling a vital energy into their work and are dedicated to developing their talents to their full potential. However, passion alone isn't sufficient for success in our art. Great photographers embrace the professional and critical contexts beyond the camera, engaging in diverse technical and theoretical approaches as part of dynamic communities to elevate their particular niche of visual storytelling.

Taking your Passion to the Next Level with an Online Masters Degree in Photography

Hobbies frequently evolve into passions as we spend more and more time participating in and learning about the activities we enjoy. As they increasingly become a focal point for our energies and perhaps earn us a certain level of recognition for our talents, we may eventually realise that we owe it to ourselves to invest more seriously in our personal work. While society may be full of inspirational platitudes that encourage us to "live our passions," it does make perfect sense to spend our time on that which most motivates us—after all, if you're going to live your passion anyway, why not make a living from it too?

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Flexible studies equip you with the knowledge and skills for success

Studying with talented practitioners in an online Masters degree in photography could be the best way to take your passion to the next level. Flexible learning from Falmouth University equips you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in this ever technologically and socially evolving medium. It not only enables you to realise the potential of your own ideas through engaging in a dynamic cross-pollination of photographic approaches and exploring important critical perspectives, but it also helps you take your work into the world with success.

How MA Degrees Develop Career Capital for your Passion

There comes a time for most artistic people when they have reached a natural limit to what they can achieve on their own and seek the guidance of established experts to make their work as good as it can be. Focusing on deliberate practice means striving for continuous improvement in your MA programme, while studying the output, philosophies, and creative processes of masters in various fields, and receiving critical feedback from insightful peers and authorities.

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Develop a sophisticated professional portfolio to take your work to the public

MA degrees are intensive and challenging but also immensely fulfilling as you develop the quality and sophistication of your work, progressing towards an impressive professional portfolio and internationally recognised postgraduate qualification. No matter what your individual specialism is in the realm of photography, MA studies reveal how visual creations can communicate with others, including the intellectual issues and commercial drivers that enable you to viably sustain yourself as a professional practitioner.

The course develops your skills in visual language in an empowering environment of social learning. The vibrant online community with optional residential workshops creates regular opportunities to learn from talented international peers, bringing out your best in a mutually supportive environment. As you develop your expertise and independence, you'll have the confidence to take your growing talents to the public realm in the culminating major project and establish the foundations for a rewarding career.

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