3 Ways to know if a Creative Online Master's Degree is for you

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Accelerate Career Advancement with a Flexible Online Master's Degree
An Online Master's Degree Fills Gaps in Your Skills and Knowledge
Follow Your Passion with a Creative Online Master's Degree

The creative industries have been the fastest growing part of Great Britain's economy for nearly a decade, connecting culture with science and technology and playing a pivotal role in civic life. Career opportunities have never been better in media and the arts, enabling creative individuals to pursue meaningful work that they are passionate about. The expert training and respected credentials of a Master's degree can help you unlock these emerging opportunities or accelerate your current progression.

If you have a love of learning and discovery, the academic rigour, interaction with inspiring faculty and talented international peers, and advanced hands-on practice can transform your understanding of an interesting subject, broadening your horizons and deepening your skill-set. An online Master's degree does all this with the additional flexibility of studying at the most convenient time and place, so there's no need to pause your career or sacrifice other personal commitments.

Think you might be ready for the next stage of your educational evolution? Here are three ways to know if a creative online Master's degree is right for you.

Accelerate Career Advancement with a Flexible Online Master's Degree

Postgraduate studies give you the opportunity to explore various roles in a creative discipline, providing valuable flexibility to assume growing responsibility and fluidly adapt to a rapidly evolving industry. The in-depth skills and knowledge acquired during your training can help you improve your work output while giving you a wider understanding of the field of study, enabling you to broaden your talents and make yourself more in-demand.

It's common in any career path to reach a professional ceiling, when your experience and knowledge have advanced to a point where you can see the next level of promotion, but aren't considered for more strategic positions by higher management. An online Master's degree can be that catalyst for achieving your career goals, often resulting in a promotion and corresponding pay raise, empowering you to perform more meaningful duties as a more respected member of the team. Whether you're looking to develop your specialist knowledge, move up in your company, or switch employment, advanced study can help you get there.

An Online Master's Degree Fills Gaps in Your Skills and Knowledge

Perhaps you've embarked upon a career path that interests you but find that there are certain areas that remain stubbornly unfamiliar, limiting your progress. Postgraduate study provides the necessary foundations and insights into the latest technological and market developments to support your professional growth, enhancing your creative and critical perspectives as your technical and entrepreneurial approaches are challenged and nurtured.

For example, a Master's degree in events management offers professional insights from respected leaders in the industry, harnessing international best practices to align your abilities with your ambition. Studying online provides the full scope and prestige of a world-class Master's degree combined with an efficient and adaptable learning model. It leverages your accumulated experience with the reputable education that will open doors for you in whichever direction you choose.

Follow Your Passion with a Creative Online Master's Degree

Life's too short to not do what you most love. Whether you're ready to extend your career with a new focus or have personal motivations for developing your interests to their full potential, postgraduate study gives you the knowledge and confidence to achieve your dreams. With full access to a wealth of support, you'll hone your skills and explore unexpected opportunities to create more accomplished work. 

Blended education can be the ideal method to acquire this learning as it can primarily be done from the comfort of home, working around your schedule using a state-of-the-art e-learning platform. Studying online doesn't mean learning in isolation—small groups, class discussions and critiques, and international residential workshops are valuable opportunities for interaction with inspiring peers and growing your networks. Following your passion with postgraduate studies could be the best investment you can make.

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