4 Ways Group Critiques Help Students on Photography Degree Programmes

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Improving Your Craft on an Online Masters Degree in Photography
Deriving Inspiration from an Online Photography Degree
How Photography Degree Programmes Recognise a Student's Potential Style
Developing an International Network Through Photography Degree Programmes

To fully realise the potential of your ideas through photography, it's important that you understand the impact of your creations on others. Being "your own worst critic" can be a productive approach—after all, successful photographers need initiative to be the best they can be—but you can only advance so far by creating in isolation. That's why receiving knowledgeable and actionable feedback is an essential element of improving, while providing feedback to others is a key transferable skill developed in advanced photography studies.

Those who are truly serious about making a career out of photography enrol in degree programmes to learn from established experts in the field as well as receive constructive criticisms from an international, professional and creatively diverse peer group. While exploring a range of critical perspectives, students are exposed to a dynamic cross pollination of approaches as they interact with the work of their peers. This provides valuable opportunities for the dissemination of ideas and collaboration—the discussion and sharing of experience reflectively informing the entirety of the creative experience.

On Falmouth University's online master's degree in photography, students are part of a global community of likeminded professionals that support and challenge one another to deepen the quality and sophistication of their creative output. Online group critiques throughout the course provide a valuable learning method to test assumptions and ideas while receiving perceptive feedback from peers and tutors. Peer critique is essential for the professionalisation of your practice while developing crucial skills in professional development, relationship building and constructive criticism.

The ability to confidently communicate and collaborate with other professionals on a global scale demonstrates a proficiency for leadership necessary for inspiring a talented team in the arts industries. Contextualizing and interrogating your creative output from a range of historical, philosophical, ethical and economic critical perspectives further supports a sustained quality of practice.

Here are four ways MA photography students benefit from these critiques.

Improving Your Craft on an Online Masters Degree in Photography

Learning how to become a better photographer is the primary reason for pursuing education, and group critiques enable students to gain a wider range of insights. Studying with talented and passionate practitioners from around the globe with the ambition to succeed, innovate and lead is an excellent way to expand your skill set, exposing yourself to diverse working methods and styles, absorbing new tricks and techniques, and receiving unbiased advice.

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Falmouth photography MA students develop sophisticated portfolios through interaction with talented peers

Comparing and contrasting your own work with that of talented peers helps to evaluate your particular strengths and identify areas where you may be lacking. It's easy to lose perspective without seeing your photography in the big picture! You will learn the first impression made by your photos, what works and what doesn't, and how you might enhance the technicality and composition by perhaps integrating various tools and effects.

Deriving Inspiration from an Online Photography Degree

The stimulation and challenge encouraged by interaction between creative professionals often results in work that far surpasses that which could be made in isolation. Seeing others' works can inspire you to experiment with new techniques while their insights about your own photography may inspire you to see your work in a new light, pursuing certain directions further with fresh motivation.

Studying in the dynamic community of an online photography degree, where there is frequent interaction with instructors and peers, provides the right environment for great ideas to be pushed to their limit, as well as the opportunity to glean clever insights into your work and the motivation to boost productivity. It's simply more fun to create within in a community of likeminded peers that support each other to attain their individual goals.

How Photography Degree Programmes Recognise a Student's Potential Style

It can be tremendously validating when others can appreciate your artistic vision, but perhaps even more fulfilling when peers recognise a unique style in your photography. Many photographers' eyes are naturally drawn to particular elements in a composition or shoot in a recurring way, even if they aren't aware of it themselves.

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Falmouth Flexible students realise the potential of their own ideas

After viewing several of your pictures, group critiques may begin to identify a common theme to your photography, which can be a great service to developing a potential niche in the industry as your work continues to progress.

Developing an International Network Through Photography Degree Programmes

As MA Photography students develop an increasingly sophisticated portfolio of work throughout the course of the programme, the online exposure to a diverse audience of worldwide experts delivers fantastic opportunities to accumulate an international network. Gaining contacts in the industry in different parts of the world can unlock unexpected doors for accelerating your career trajectory.

Students on photography degree programmes enrich and extend their networks through online group critiques as well as study visits to major festivals and events. In addition to the regular academic activities, Falmouth Flexible students have the opportunity to participate in two ‘residential’ networking experiences per year, each approximately 4 days in duration, including ‘master-classes’ and portfolio review opportunities with leading practitioners and professionals.

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