Find Out How Online Masters Degrees Are More Accessible to Everyone

Tue 1 Dec 2020

An Online Masters Degree Fits Your Hectic Schedule
Masters Courses Teach Practical, Hands-On Skills Remotely
Pursuing a Creative MA Online Lets You Professionalise Your Passion without Breaking the Bank

Deciding whether or not to pursue a postgraduate programme can be an incredibly daunting task. Between choosing the right course subject, striking a balance with your personal and professional life, and coordinating finances, it can often seem like a goal that lies just beyond your reach.

With online Masters courses, however, you may find that many of these concerns have been mitigated—or even disappeared! We’ve put together three ways that an online Masters course is a more accessible choice than traditional, on-campus postgraduate options.

An Online Masters Degree Fits Your Hectic Schedule

You are interested in a Masters degree because you are an ambitious individual with goals to achieve. This does not necessarily leave a lot of room in your schedule for intensive academic work in large, inflexible time blocks. An online Masters degree allows you to achieve your academic and career goals while maintaining all of the work, family, and personal components of your life that have shaped you into the capable candidate that you are.

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Pursue your studies without overhauling your schedule

Flexible learning courses at Falmouth University provide online lectures and support resources, online assessment submission, and clear feedback from tutors all on an intuitive online learning platform. An online MA from Falmouth carries the same recognition and quality as one earned in an on-campus degree programme in a more accessible format.

Masters Courses Teach Practical, Hands-On Skills Remotely

You might assume that the virtual nature of an online Masters course would result in fewer opportunities for hands-on learning—and, consequently, more exams. For instance, wouldn’t photography postgraduate courses be difficult to complete without the in-person guidance of an instructor? Fortunately, this does not have to be the case with flexible learning programmes at Falmouth.

The Falmouth Online MA in Photography, for example, ensures ample student interaction and feedback from tutors through the online learning platform. Assessments include coursework, projects, and presentations with no formal exams, meaning you gain skills and knowledge without having to worry about exam revision and memorisation.

Pursuing a Creative MA Online Lets You Professionalise Your Passion without Breaking the Bank

Pursuing an online Masters can help you legitimise the next step of your career, whether that’s vying for a promotion, changing industries, or starting your own business. As mentioned above, an online degree from Falmouth holds the same weight as a degree from an on-campus course, meaning that your degree will still demonstrate officially that you have specialised, high-quality skills and knowledge in your subject area. photography postgraduate courses

Take your skills to the next level with an online Masters degree

An MA in photography from Falmouth, for instance, can provide you with the means necessary to set yourself apart from the crowd as a photographer. With Early Bird Discounts, referral awards, a 15% discount for Falmouth alumni, and Falmouth Flexible Bursaries up for grabs, pursuing this type of recognition does not have to be an insurmountable financial barrier.

Are you ready to pursue an online Masters degree?

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