3 Great Reasons to Earn a Photography Masters Degree Online

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Explore All Available Opportunities with a Masters in Photography Online
Begin a Rewarding Career with a Photography Masters Degree
Accelerate Your Existing Career with Photography Masters Degree Programmes

Studying photography gives you valuable critical perspectives for evaluating your own and others' work in terms of various historical, cultural, and artistic contexts. It will expand your breadth of techniques, conceptual frameworks and advanced transferable skills, filling gaps in your skills and knowledge and answering questions that you didn't even know to ask.

An MA in photography brings together talented and ambitious practitioners on an international scale, encouraging a dynamic cross-pollination of approaches as students develop their creative, critical, and professional skills. The online learning approach, as offered by Falmouth Flexible, gives you the additional flexibility to earn world-class training and credentials without having to pause your career or relocate.

Here are three great reasons for pursuing an Online Masters Degree in Photography. 

Explore All Available Opportunities with a Masters in Photography Online

A major benefit of photography studies is opening your eyes to how vast the medium truly is. Embracing the entire subject, understanding the historical development of the art form, and appreciating a wide range of techniques, a Masters in photography online is the ideal way to gain proficiency in areas that you wouldn't otherwise be exposed to and illuminate the numerous artistic and professional opportunities available in the industry today. 

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Expand your skills and opportunities with a photography MA

Even if you view photography as a hobby, advanced education expands your horizons, making you more creative and innovative as you become inspired by diverse peers and expert instructors that challenge your perceived limits. Studying online lets you work at your own pace, when inspiration strikes, balancing your studies with your day job or other personal commitments.

Begin a Rewarding Career with a Photography Masters Degree

While it can be challenging to make a living doing what you love, the rewards of success are unparalleled. Developing a well-rounded background while understanding the latest trends and technologies will position you to turn your dreams into reality. You'll have access to extensive academic and career support, including important industry contacts, and an international network, acquiring valuable business skills besides the technical and artistic foundations.

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Falmouth Flexible provides world-class education, support, and networking opportunities

The formal qualifications provided by world-class photography Masters degree programmes are pre-requisites for many employment opportunities and will open doors in all types of thriving creative industries. Falmouth University is respected worldwide for the excellence of our innovative graduates. Falmouth's online postgraduate courses maintain all the rigour and prestige of on-campus offerings, including identical MA degrees.

Accelerate Your Existing Career with Photography Masters Degree Programmes

An MA in photography is an excellent way to accelerate the careers of those who may already have experience in the field or are working in a related artistic industry. The highly relevant curriculum, residential workshops and desirable industry network make it easier to transition into successful careers following graduation.

Learning in a primarily online environment doesn't mean isolation—dynamic interaction with talented classmates, small group collaboration, and one-on-one support from instructors provide every tool for success. Non-compulsory but recommended residential workshops held around the globe provide great personal development and networking opportunities. Setting your own goals, schedule, and pace by working online is also valuable preparation for today's connected working world, establishing discipline and demonstrating the abundance of resources available.

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Not only will you collaborate with your peers online, but you’ll also have the opportunity to attend optional residential workshops and network in person.

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