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Tue 1 Dec 2020

Online MA Tuition Payments Designed for Student Budgets
Financial Support Available to Students Pursuing Online Master’s Degrees

An MA degree makes an excellent addition to any creative individual’s resume. Whether you want to upgrade your skills, break into a new field, earn a promotion, or explore your creative passions, a creative MA can get help you reach your goals.

Falmouth University provides leading arts education to students around the globe through its Flexible Learning MA programmes. We teach our students the skills they need to reach success in the creative industries and our courses are globally recognised for crafting the minds of forwarding-thinking creative individuals—much like yourself.

What’s stopping you from earning your Master’s degree? For most students, the time commitment and cost can seem overwhelming. At Falmouth, we understand that earning your MA requires a substantial investment. As a result, our courses provide students with industry skills that will help them excel in the workplace.

Read on to discover the true value of our courses, and learn how you can enhance your career by earning your MA degree.

Online MA Tuition Payments Designed for Student Budgets

Have you dreamed of earning your MA degree, but can’t imagine being able to manage the financial investment? You’ll be pleased to learn that the idea that MA degrees are unaffordable is actually a common misconception amongst many applicants. In fact, not all MA degrees cost the same and some, like those offered by Falmouth, offer several payment options, discounts, bursaries, and more. And the best part about earning your MA is that you will gain the skills you need to reach success in your chosen field and eventually pay off your degree!

According to a 2016 study by the UK government, professionals with a postgraduate degree experience far less unemployment during economic recessions, and 78 per cent of all working age postgraduates (16 to 64 years old) have high level, skill-demanding careers. In addition, working age postgraduates make a median salary £7,500 more than undergraduates. Therefore, not only does a Master’s degree provide better salaries, it also provides added job security.


 Studies show graduates with Master’s degrees have added job security

Falmouth offers a range of online Master's degrees with affordable tuition fees. Students can choose to pay over the course of 2 years in six manageable installments, or opt for paying the entire tuition upfront. 

Financial Support Available to Students Pursuing Online Master’s Degrees

Although Falmouth’s Flexible Learning tuition costs are affordable and competitive compared to other universities, paying tuition is still a significant financial investment. We understand that in order for most students to earn their MA degrees, financial assistance is required. That’s why we offer a variety of bursaries and scholarships to help deserving students pay for their education.

Students are asked to submit a short, 500-word essay discussing why they qualify for the bursary, and successful applicants will receive a certain amount of financial support. In addition to bursaries, we also have several scholarships available.


 Earning scholarships and bursaries can help finance your degree

If you find yourself needing additional financial assistance, there are plenty of options. Students resident in England are eligible to apply for a non-means tested Postgraduate Loan. If you’re located outside of England, we encourage you to research and enquire about your country’s student loan and financial assistance programmes.

Aside from student loans, there are plenty of scholarships, bursaries, and grants available to students in different countries. Website platforms like Yconic and Fastweb help students around the globe find money for their education. With thousands of dollars and pounds worth of scholarship money going unclaimed every year it is well worth the effort to find scholarships to help pay for your Master’s degree.

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