4 female-led tech start-ups

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Female led start-ups raised just 2.2% of the total venture capital distributed in the US last year, suggesting that we still have far to go where introducing more women into the world of business is concerned, especially in the tech sector.

We’ve picked out some fascinating female-led startups of recent years.



Accompany founder and CEO Amy Chang has compared her $270m company to ‘a digital chief of staff or personal assistant, giving executives the context they need before conversations and meetings’. It also works by allowing you to be the first to react to relevant news that comes through regarding the closest people to you in your network. Accompany describe the tool as ‘’a CEO’s best friend’’ and has been described by mindmaven.com as possibly ‘becoming a LinkedIn alternative.’’



Targeted at lower-income and unbanked population, Cloq offers financial literacy resources via an app. They refer to ‘‘the loan sharks down the street’’ as their main competitors and offer nano-loans at much lower interest rates than their alternatives. Their credit model is based on their clients’ behavioural and reliability comportment, rather than merely on financial data. Cloq was established by Rafaela Cavalcanti in 2018, who coined the hashtag #nanocredit earlier this year.



London-based company TRIK is centred around the analysis of when a drone has been used to survey a building via taking a number of images – of course these images are informative but TRIK goes a step further in creating a 3D model of the building, generated by the images you upload to the software. This removes the elements of risk (climbing up ladders to inspect details) and allows you to input dimensions and identify problems. TRIK creator is Pae Natwilai, recipient of Innovate UK’s Woman In Innovation award for the project, which ‘’best demonstrates human-centred design processes that deliver for people’’. 



Co-founded by Mariana Costa Checa, Labortoria has produced over 1000 coding graduates in the past three years, all of which are Latina women from low-income backgrounds, the company’s target market. In a bid to expand gender diversity in coding, Laboratoria helps women who do not have access to the education necessary to become web developers and UX designers – 80% of the 1000 graduates are now working in the tech sector.


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