Read the transcript below for the video of Thomas Betts' MA Photography Final Major Project presentation.

Thomas: As we were going through the degree, I started to notice that my work was becoming more and more about me rather than other people, which I'd never done before.

For the final major project, I've revisited a project I worked on just after I got diagnosed with diabetes.

This is Elaine who is my diabetes nurse.

I was looking at Foucault medical guys and how medical professionals are kind of taught to see you as a set of organs rather than as a person.

But I never really experienced that with, like my health care team.

You have these bruises on your body, quite often from the needles. And I became like, kind of fascinated with the reduction of form and trying to see what inside of my body looked like.

When I was first diagnosed, I lost my sight quite badly. And there's this thing called diabetic retinopathy,which is where new blood vessels
start to grow behind your eye.

But I wanted to bring it into the practice as it's really important because it's the only place that you can see inside the human body from outside the human body?

And as I said earlier, I was trying to like, delve into the body.

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