MA Photography exhibition - Landings 2017

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Landings is an ‘art-trail’ type collection of self-initiated, small-scale local exhibitions / installations of work currently being produced on the flexble, online MA Photography at Falmouth University. As Falmouth historically served as one of the first ports for returning ships of the Royal Navy and as a station for the Packet Service, the exhibition continues Falmouth's presence as a point of exchange and communication with the wider virtual and physical worlds. While locations, artworks and themes vary from year to year, the concept is central to the building of a robust international photographic community without borders.

The main site for Landings 2017 is a ‘landing page’, a web page that welcomes the visitor and offers navigation. From here, the visitor is invited to browse 22 thumbnails that link to local / online exhibitions concurrently held between Friday 11 August and Friday 18 August 2017 in different parts of the world.

Visitors are encouraged to follow the Falmouth Flexible twitter account (@FalmouthFlex) for updates and more information, and join us on social media in using the hashtag #Landings2017.

This year’s overarching theme, as chosen by a small group of volunteering students, is ‘searching for meaning’, thus reflecting each students’ journey into the interdisciplinary world of photography. Within that theme are three sub-themes that reflect the diversity of the students’ projects: ‘Who is responsible’ groups together work by photographers looking at their surroundings with more than a critical glance; ‘How we live’ offers insights into the work of practitioners engaged with the day-to-day efforts of those we might overlook; and ‘What defines us’ points to work by photographers concerned with how we see ourselves and others.


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