Hear from a current MA Illustration student

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Hearing from a current student is a great way to help you decide whether a course is for you. We recently spoke to MA Illustration student Deborah Wainwright about her experience with Falmouth Flexible's online degree. 

I'm really enjoying the online MA for several reasons.

I wanted to study a professional postgraduate course but having mobility problems made it difficult to find one I could access in my area, as I live in a very rural part of Cumbria. Now, I can access the course from the comfort of my own home, at a time which suits me.

I'm a mature student and haven’t studied for a number of years, so having access to each week’s lectures and reading as many times as I need has helped my learning and eased me back into study at my own pace.

The online webinars and group tutorials are so helpful, and everyone has gelled as if we were in class together. The fabulous bit is they are also recorded so you are free to engage fully, and go back and watch again as many times as necessary.

The course also has a fabulous study support service which I can access online, or I can speak to the student advisors on the phone or via video, whichever suits me. We all have a dedicated tutor to support and guide us through each module.

So far we have met up twice as a whole group, which has been so useful. The face to face events aren’t compulsory but are useful in relationship-building. The stand alone learning from both supplemented the course well.

They have been extremely well planned with a mix of practical and inspirational learning. I particularly liked meeting other professional illustrators working in the field, as hearing their stories and knowing their journey makes your own feel real.

I worried a little at first that it wouldn’t feel like a real degree, but quickly dismissed this, as you soon realise that the course is very professional, the lectures are excellent, and they are supplemented by the tutorials and webinars.

It’s so useful having all required reading provided electronically as well as being guided to supplemental reading, podcasts, videos, articles, online interviews etc. We have a fabulous library service which gives us access to most of we need, and if we cannot get something through the library we are given other ways such as Interlibrary access etc.

I thoroughly recommend this course. And I’m so glad I found it as it is enabling me to fulfil a lifetime dream. It's not easy, but it appropriately challenges and pushes you to develop into a successful illustrator who can take their place within the illustration world.

An MA in Illustration from Falmouth Flexible can help you develop a comprehensive portfolio and accelerate your career path. 

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