Online Tutor

Carlos Garde-Martin has been teaching on the MA Illustration course at Falmouth University since it began.

He has relished the chance to work with students from all over the world, trying to empower them to become self-directed life long learners.  

In addition to his teaching role at Falmouth, he is also a guest lecturer at Brighton University, and the University of Hertfordshire. Carlos has also been a professional illustrator since 2009. His clients include Citroën and Network Rail. 

Four of Carlos' career highlights

  • Being the first official Brighton Fringe illustrator

  • Passing his Master of Arts in Sequential Design/Illustration with Distinction

  • His teaching position with Falmouth University

  • Passing his PGCHE, and receiving a certificate of achievement for his efforts.

A little advice?

Try to immerse yourself in your studies to really get the best out your time at university.  
Connect and build friendship with your peers. It’s very rare that you will be with so many like-minded people.