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At Falmouth University we take pride in providing our students with excellent teaching through staff who are determined to help you achieve your goals. In 2017 we have been ranked gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), an award that is reserved for institutions in the UK where teaching, retention and graduate outcomes are consistently outstanding. 

Our tutors combine their academic rigour and professional practice to lead you through your course, supporting you as required and giving you feedback to enhance your understanding and prepare you for your assessments.

As experienced advocates of online teaching and learning, you will also benefit from their enthusiasm, keeping you motivated to do your very best and achieve your goals.


MA Advertising Strategy & Planning

    • Amber Burton

      Amber Burton

      Course Coordinator & Module Leader

      An established academic and practitioner in advertising and digital media.

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      Amber believes in the power of advertising to make the world go round. She brings over 20 years of industry experience, running her own agencies and consultancies, along with 15 years of academic researching and lecturing to undergraduates and postgraduates. She has, in her career, interviewed more than 1000 advertising hopeful candidates, and is passionate about employability, opportunity and creativity. She is also a stickler for attention to detail and known to correct the spelling on dinner menus. Students who work with her can expect energy, encouragement and liberal doses of common sense, coupled with the wisdom of academic enquiry and the drive of professional practice. By the time they graduate, advertising students on the MA in Advertising Strategy and Planning will be challenged, motivated and equipped with the tools and skills of the advertising trade.

      Amber Career highlights
      • Graduates with a degree in English and Media and immediately sets up her own advertising agency, with just £200 in the bank, in the 1980s
      • Secures key accounts in the UK with publishing giants such as BBC Worldwide and Northcliffe News
      •  Falls in love with academia whilst pursuing an online part time masters in Social Sciences
      • Just about to submit a Phd in online identity and become a Doctor of Philosophy
      A little advice?

      Watch the advertising! Seriously. Do not skip the ads whilst you are watching the television – the ads are usually the best bits and certainly have more creativity and wit in them than some prime time viewing. We are exposed to at least 3000 advertising messages per day in urban areas – take notice of some of them, take pictures, make notes, remember the ones you love and the ones you hate. Think about the problems they are trying to solve for the consumer. You will start to think like an advertising strategist and planner.

      Connect with Amber

      Linkedin: Amber Burton

      Twitter: @amberjamberina

MA Creative App Development

    • Dr Michael Scott

      Dr Michael Scott

      Course Coordinator & Module Leader

      An internationally-recognised researcher with an interest in how games and multimedia-based instructional technology can be harnessed to the benefit of his students.

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      Michael’s experience in computer science and digital games development ranges from working at Emotional Robots on the iOS title Warm Gun to working at Brunel University London on several research projects that lead to the creation of apps, such as Vocalnayno, which teaches phonics to primary school children, and the Maiden Castle Experience, which helps bring exhibits from the Dorset Country Museum to life once real-world spaces where the castle itself once stood. He is currently a member of the ACM Working Group on Game Development in Computer Science Education, the administrator for the Game Career Guide’s community website, and sits on a number of program committees and editorial boards. Michael draws on this broad experience to ensure his students are introduced to the very latest software development practices and are equipped to tackle and solve problems creatively.

      Career Highlights
      • Received the Falmouth University “Outstanding Innovation in Teaching” award in 2016
      • Received the UBS “Postgraduate Who Teaches” teaching award in 2015
      • Released “Warm Gun” on iOS in 2011, among the first Unreal-based FPS games on the platform
      Connect with Mike

      Twitter: @4DR1R

MA Photography

    • Jesse Alexander

      Jesse Alexander

      Course Coordinator & Module Leader

      An established published, photographer, writer and teacher.

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      Jesse brings to the MA a powerful combination of academic study, experience of working with global brands, highly regarded contributions to numerous photographic publications and extensive teaching experience. This powerful blend gives his online students an informed, passionate and challenging 2 years of study at the end of which he is determined to see students graduate with a photographic project that exceeds their own expectations.

      Four of Jesse’s Career highlights
      • Jesse falls in love with Photography after an opportunity to play with a proper SLR camera and a dark room around the age of 16
      • Continuous contribution of essays and reviews to publications such as Source, HotShoe International and 1000 Words Photography
      • Awarded an MFA in Documentary Photography from University of Wales, Newport in 2008
      • Latest work Perspectives on Place: Theory & Practice in Landscape Photography, was published by Bloomsbury in 2015
      A little advice?

      Take lots of pictures (preferably with a real camera); read lots about photography; see lots of photography and reflect on it; watch lots of moves; talk to peers and practitioners about photography and try and figure out what you want to photograph, not necessarily what you feel you should photograph. And do a course in photography – Falmouth has a great choice….!

      Connect with Jesse

      Twitter: @japaphotography

    • Gary McLeod

      Gary McLeod

      Module Leader & Online Tutor

      An experienced international teacher, photographer and researcher.

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      With over 14 years of teaching in different parts of the world both face-to-face and online, Gary is well positioned to teach and guide an international cohort. In addition to being an Assistant Professor of Visual Arts at a university in Tokyo, Gary combines training as a commercial product photographer with a background in fine art and visual communication design, giving him a very interdisciplinary view of the medium. Having himself studied for his MA in Digital Arts via online delivery he understands fully the benefits and challenges this mode of learning brings.

      Four facts about Gary
      • Drove to Wimbledon School of Art every day from Portsmouth for 3 years
      • Knows a lot about photographs from the Challenger expedition (1872–1876)
      • Awarded a PhD in Photography from London College of Communication
      • His current research continues to explore rephotography as a visual methodology for shared practices of knowledge-making
      A little advice?

      Surround yourself with a variety of perspectives, including ones that you won’t like because you can learn a lot from someone who sees weakness in your work. Remember also that photographers have an obligation to the medium which includes helping others to use it responsibly. Every photograph is a lesson to be learned, and from which ideas can stem, and there are a lot of lessons out there taken every day which matter only to a few people. Robert Adams once said that ‘Photographers are angels, not gods’ and this sums up how you might want to think about your role moving forward.

      Connect with Gary

      Twitter: @garymcleodart

MA Writing for Script & Screen

    • John Finnegan

      John Finnegan

      Module Leader

      A practicing screenwriter and researcher.

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      John has thirteen years of professional and academic experience in the field of media production and screenwriting. This blend of practical and academic approaches to screenwriting is found throughout the MA. Students are challenged both creatively and intellectually and it gives students the skills necessary to contribute to the industry as well as providing them with a foundation in academic studies to pursue a career in screenwriting research.

      Four of John's Career highlights
      • John shoots his first short film in glorious 16mm film (as Tarantino would say) at the age of 20 and realises that directing is not for him. John pursues careers in screenwriting and editing instead.
      • Winner of best national short for Still Life, a film he wrote and co-produced in 2013.
      • Completed a PhD in screenwriting studies at Bangor University in 2017.
      • Latest work The Dead Cry Out, an Irish language horror film in development with an Irish based production team.

      A little advice?

      Screenwriting is a collaborative craft. Go out and network, find other like-minded practitioners, preferably producers and directors that you can work with in adapting your work to the screen. Read screenplays as well as watching films and television. And play games! Some of the best screen stories at the moment are coming from games.

      Connect with John

      Twitter: @johnfinnegan247