Read the transcript below for the video of Chava Eichner's BA Photography Final Major Project presentation.

Chava: After working 20 years as a food photographer, I just really wanted to fall back in love with photography.

So it was all about, as this picture clearly shows, I really just wanted to play again. Before the project, what I knew definitely had to be there was some playful experimentation, so I wanted to incorporate lots of different ideas, variety of techniques and mix digital and analog photography as well.

So, artists I looked at, obviously Francesca Woodman, pretty playful as well in her abstraction.

German painter Peter Dreher, I really liked. He painted this glass of water every day for decades.

And Othello De'Souza Hartley, multidisciplinary artist.

I wanted to bring him in as a reference with using a mixture of moving images, painting and photography.

What really made me jump out was this fabulous fashion photographer Arielle Bob Willis.

The images that she's producing are really powerful.

So experimentation with photography, so lensless, photography and capturing really bright coloured life.

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