Why you should do an MA in today’s uncertain job market

Wed 2 Dec 2020

Although economic uncertainty and unemployment are on the rise in many countries worldwide, gaining a master's can help you secure job opportunities and a full-time income and safeguard your financial future during today’s challenging economic times.

Here are some of the benefits of doing a master's in today’s uncertain job market:

1. Become a high-demand subject matter expert

The more specialised your skillset, the greater the chances are that other job candidates with your specialised expertise will be few and far between. And, as the golden rule of economics shows us, the lower the supply, the higher the demand.

Gaining a master's degree will give you the specialised knowledge and skills you need to advance your expertise in your chosen field. As a result, it will affirm your place as a subject matter expert in your field and help to ensure you and your skills remain in high demand – even in an uncertain and competitive job market.

2. Try something new

With many of us spending more time at home since the coronavirus crisis, now is a better time than ever to try something new.

Studying online from home for a master's degree is not only a great way to keep busy doing something constructive, it’s also a great opportunity to start embarking on a new career path.

The more you learn and the more skills you can add to your CV, the more you’ll develop both in terms of your personal and professional development. Plus, the greater your knowledge and skillset, the more you’ll expand your career opportunities and increase your chances of finding a job you really love doing.

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3. Get a better salary

With a master's degree, you boost your chances of getting chosen for higher-level roles. You also improve your chances of gaining a promotion within your current organisation.

This can mean you’ll not only be able to transition to a more challenging and rewarding role – it can also mean a significant boost to your income.

4. Grow your professional network

When you study an online master's course, you’ll be connected to a network of like-minded professionals from around the world. Your global cohort could be made up of professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries.

Your professional network can prove to be invaluable when you’re looking for new career opportunities. By growing your global professional network through a master's course, you’ll open yourself up to a wider variety of job opportunities across a range of industries.

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