Top Graphic Designers to follow on Instagram

Tue 1 Dec 2020

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration for your graphic design work, following other graphic designers on Instagram can be a great way to give you the creative boost you need.


Here are 5 graphic designers you should follow on Instagram:


1. Mike Perry 

With an Emmy Award-winning creative studio under his belt, Mike Perry’s Instagram account is a burst of colour, hand-crafted type, and psychedelic animations. His studio’s work has been featured in Comedy Central’s sitcom Broad City, as well as on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Mike Perry describes his studio’s work as being “built on a foundation of exploration and wonder.” A multi-dimensional creative studio, @mikeperrystudio really does “create without limits.”


Nothing better then lots of food and lots friends. Lunch with Miguel, work in progress, 2019 mixed media on paper.

A post shared by Mike Perry (@mikeperrystudio) on

Follow @mikeperrystudio.

2. Design Lad

A London-based 3D illustrator and animation director, Design Lad is known for his bold, playful and colourful designs. “I love taking on commissions where I can add a sense of fun,” he says. “You can usually guarantee that my work will have a unique sense of character, colour and playfulness.” Design Lad has worked with several high-profile clients, including Adidas, Sony Music, Virgin and WIRED. Describing his Instagram feed, he says: “I try and post projects that everyone can relate to, and I’ve certainly gained lots of work through it.”

Follow @design_lad.

3. Neil Stevens 

If you’re interested in nostalgic and vintage designs with a modern feel, UK-based illustrator and graphic artist Neil Stevens is a great designer to follow on Instagram. He has commissioned work for many reputable clients including Transport for London, British Airways, The Guardian and WIRED. Neil’s work creatively captures depth and motion, and includes everything from the very detailed to the abstract.

Follow @neil_a_stevens.

4. Eli Hyder

If you’re a sci-fi or comic book fan (or, better yet, both), you’ll love checking out Eli Hyder’s Instagram feed. Eli’s work features an array of ¬striking Star Wars-inspired designs, as well as designs inspired by other sci-fi and comic book fan favourites, such as The Terminator and Batman. Predominately featuring watercolour and ink effects, Eli’s designs are a dazzling nod to the comic book genre.

Follow @venamis.

5. Mister Doodle 

Specialising in typography, Mister Doodle combines stunning background images, thought-provoking inspirational quotes and carefully-crafted hand-type to create a compelling Instagram feed that can inspire just about anyone. Through Mister Doodle’s Instagram feed, you’ll not only be able to gain inspiration for your own creative work, but also inspiration to boost your creativity and mood throughout your working day.

Follow @misterdoodle.

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