3 Reasons to Consider an MA in Creative App Development

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Grads with an MA in Creative App Development Face a Diversity of Demand
Harness your Creativity with an Online Master's Degree
Begin a Continuously Evolving Career with an MA in Creative App Development

Working on the frontiers of technological innovation, creative application (or app) development is an exciting career path that gives you the opportunity to change how people live, work, and play. Over the past decade, there has been a steadily growing movement among software developers to appease the insatiable public demand for apps that simplify our lives or help us see the world differently. While apps can certainly be developed for mobile devices, they can also be created for various computer platforms, in the environment using projection technology, in the form of hardware, and much more—the opportunities are endless!

Application software development is one of the most vast and flexible career opportunities in information technology, with numerous platforms and companies of all sizes seeking good content providers. If you love to solve problems with visual design and have a passion for leveraging the latest technological advances, an MA in creative app development can give you the foundational skills and knowledge to launch your own exciting career.

Here are three great reasons to consider studies in app development:

Grads with an MA in Creative App Development Face a Diversity of Demand

As online connectivity has become ubiquitous through all types of computerised devices, skilled developers are in such demand that employment opportunities are virtually unlimited. Lucrative posts are constantly available at the world's major tech companies while many app developers enjoy the working environment and diverse challenges of smaller start-ups. You might develop apps on-demand for clients with specific needs, develop custom apps for businesses, or manage a diversity of projects.

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App developers can work from anywhere in the world

There is no common "day in the life" description for app developers, making it an exciting, continuously expanding medium. With the right training and creativity, you can work as a successful app developer from anywhere in the world—remotely, freelance, or self-employed. There are plenty of online communities and networking platforms to connect with clients and keep on top of the latest trends.

Harness your Creativity with an Online Master's Degree

Apps are arguably the hottest creative medium out there right now, taking advantage of fascinating technological innovations like augmented reality to create fun or productive tricks and tools. It's a visual art form that inspires interaction and functionality. The concepts behind these inventions don't need to be complex—the best ones make the most of their relevant platforms' limitations to embrace the simple completion of specific tasks.

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A good app has limitless potential

Creativity begins with inspiration but requires planning, perseverance, and attention to detail to actualise projects. Falmouth Flexible's MA in Creative App Development responds to global technological advances, supporting students to answer everyday problems with clever design. Its online delivery enables students to continue earning as they learn while providing a valuable model for today's connected workplaces.

Begin a Continuously Evolving Career with an MA in Creative App Development

The world of apps is constantly evolving with each new technological advancement, making it important for developers to strive for lifelong learning. An online Master's degree establishes the foundations for creative individuals to adapt to emerging opportunities in this growing field and develop the resourceful qualities that sustain their employability. Implementing development techniques in helpful and innovative ways is in itself an evolving process, often requiring creative collaboration and self-motivation to design the best products possible.

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