3 takeaways from these famous events for events management students

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Venue Selection is a Key Part of Planning for Professionals with an Events Management Masters Degree
Evolve with the Times with a Masters in Event Management Online
Professionals with an Event Management Masters Degree Leverage Partnerships

Great events unfold like a piece of perfect theatre, creating emotional connections and communication with attendees while providing the space for meaningful participation. This begins with meticulous planning and assembling the right team for the job, anticipating conditions as much as possible so that the actual occasion proceeds gracefully. Whether you're planning a small party or a major event, the underlying principles of effective event management are the same.

An MA in Creative Events Management empowers entrepreneurial coordinators to produce pioneering events at the local or international level for increasingly discerning audiences. Harnessing global events expertise and emerging technological and market developments, students develop creative perspectives and approaches for event design while critically evaluating current industry norms.

Analysing the trajectory and innovations of world famous events over time can provide both inspiration and instruction for aspiring event managers. Here are three helpful takeaway lessons from some of those major events.

Venue Selection is a Key Part of Planning for Professionals with an Events Management Masters Degree

Event planning at the largest level requires an incredible amount of coordination, and months—if not years—of careful planning. Having a clear understanding of the client's overall objective is essential for managing expectations and measuring success. Venue selection is perhaps the first and most important decision faced by event managers with an accredited online Masters, setting the scene for all the planning to follow.

accredited online mastersFalmouth Flexible students can learn from the CES, the world's largest trade show

The space should appropriately fit the occasion, ideally inspiring wonder as guests step through the door and providing an uplifting atmosphere throughout the event. A good venue has the size and versatility to provide comfort and the necessary amenities and unique qualities that make the occasion more memorable. A long-running event like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has been held in Las Vegas since 1998 after decades in different venues across the United States. The permanent base and conveniences has made it one of the best meeting places for visionary entrepreneurs to launch initiatives.

Evolve with the Times with a Masters in Event Management Online

Even established, successful events can't become complacent with the status quo. The events industry is increasingly competitive and audiences are demanding ever more powerful experiences. Glastonbury has distinguished itself as one of the world's best music festivals over 45 years by staying true to its principles while adopting innovations like energy-producing toilets, virtual reality headsets and its award-winning ticketing system.

master in event management onlineGlastonbury Festival delivers attendees a memorable experience

Coachella has become another music festival phenomenon by investing in high comfort for attendees and environmental sustainability, continuously expanding its diversity and perceived value of entertainment, and even accommodating increased demand by adding an entire second weekend with an identical lineup. Calculated risks have paid off due to thorough market research, broadening the appeal and making the festival a global leader for both audiences and artists.

Professionals with an Event Management Masters Degree Leverage Partnerships

Mutually beneficial partner relationships are particularly important for larger scale events to ensure sufficient resources and facilitate coordinated project management. Sponsors can help build excitement in the advance promotion and expand an event's value-added offerings to attendees.

Students pursuing an event management Masters degree know to establish win-win sponsorship agreements early in an event's lifecycle and select partners that are a good fit for the particular event. Ongoing communication can determine how the partnership might be improved going forward, to ensure the best events possible.

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