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Tue 1 Dec 2020

Advertising Strategy & Planning Careers You Can Pursue Once You’ve Earned Your MA
Earn Your MA in Advertising Strategy & Planning and Work in a Creative Department
Pursue Brand Development and Management after Advertising Postgraduate Courses

In a world that seems to be spinning faster all the time, it is an exhilarating and tremendously challenging time for businesses to keep pace with and anticipate society's dizzying technological advances and consumer preferences. Within companies, it is the advertising and marketing departments responsible for bringing products and services into the public consciousness.

Gaining attention and earning sales in an ever competitive marketplace requires more than an intricate understanding of business operations and advertising strategy theory. It's a rapidly evolving field that requires creative out-of-the-box thinking, flexible execution of coordinated strategies, and fluid communication skills to disperse ideas and expand networks.

A comprehensive post-graduate programme not only explores essential research, strategy and planning procedures, but also provides key insights into the creative process. Falmouth University's Flexible Learning MA delivers all this as students develop a robust international network - learn more about possible career paths for grads with an MA in Advertising Strategy & Planning.

Advertising Strategy & Planning Careers You Can Pursue Once You’ve Earned Your MA

While virtually every company includes a marketing department to some extent, many advertising strategy grads choose to work in dedicated, full-service agencies that juggle the needs of several clients. Account management is a common role, responsible for dealing directly with clients, developing advertising strategies and coordinating ad campaigns by managing various personnel.

MA in advertising and marketing

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Another option is account planner, who seeks to understand the consumer by conducting research and analysing market trends. A Masters degree opens doors to international planning and managerial positions, which tend to first demand some experience in the company's central offices. Grads may pursue employment as advertising directors, consumer product managers or market researchers.

Earn Your MA in Advertising Strategy & Planning and Work in a Creative Department

Developing the unique messaging that will separate a product or service from all others in the crowded marketplace takes a high degree of creativity. People with fertile imaginations who can transform abstract concepts into nuanced creative visions thrive in these roles. Falmouth University is renowned for nurturing such progressive professionals in preparation for this dynamic global industry, providing valuable insights into the functions and processes of the creative department in its advertising postgraduate courses.

Creative departments include copywriters and art directors, storytellers and graphic design, and expressive organisers to manage all the moving parts. Digital marketing has become essential in today's business and so an ability to weave together online content with social media marketing, graphic design, search engine optimisation and analytics is more and more important.

Here's how Falmouth MA grad, Tom Dixon describes the industry:

"It’s art with a purpose. I don’t think there’s anything else like it. With creative work, somebody either likes what you do or they don’t. But you can’t argue over the value of an advert that’s increased a brand’s sales. I want to produce beautiful work, but I also want it to do its job."

Pursue Brand Development and Management after Advertising Postgraduate Courses

Brand managers are concerned with what sells and how to promote success, through strategic pricing, messaging and understanding of consumer behaviour. Demand for particular products and services within the competitive environment is a key part of brand coordinator and advertising manager positions. Precise roles and job duties will depend significantly on the industry, whether its law and financial services, high-tech or nonprofit.

MA in advertising and marketing

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An MA in advertising strategy & planning opens doors to a wide array of other rewarding advertising careers such as media planner/supervisor, teacher, public relations manager, sales executive and any other position requiring persuasion, market knowledge and creative communication.

"If you are serious about getting into advertising and are willing to put in the work - then go to Falmouth," say Ed Ryder and Bryan Stewart, who transformed their industry contacts gained through a Falmouth MA into employment at prestigious agency Amsterdam 180. "It is a very competitive industry and Falmouth's past showed us that it was a good way in.”

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