Photography: How To Find Your Niche

Tue 1 Dec 2020

As with all creative practices, photography involves finding a particular area that interests, excites, and inspires you. We’ve put together a few key pointers to consider on your way to finding a photographic niche from which you can build a career.

Be open-minded and patient

There is no specific route to knowing what kind of photography you wish to pursue so it’s important to explore a broad variety of genres and subjects before focusing in on one particular strand. Even if you tend to naturally gravitate toward shooting landscapes (for example), having a practical understanding and awareness of other genres will indirectly and directly influence your work. Much of the practice of photography involves learning by osmosis and you may have periods when you feel you aren’t improving or learning what you feel you ought to be. However, past shoots you may have worked on where you feel you learned nothing, often manifest lessons in the future so it’s important to be patient during those periods. Just because something doesn’t feel beneficial to you at the time doesn’t mean that it won’t become useful for future shoots, or make you view things in a light you may not have done otherwise.  

Be aware of trends and past/future/current practitioners

In 1983, William Klein prophesied on the future of photography ‘I am sure the next step will be the electronic image, and I hope I shall live to see it. I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop’. Not many of us have the ability to foresee quite so accurately as Klein, but keeping an eye on where certain practices and techniques are going will contribute to setting you apart from others - even better if you can harness these new practices. Attending exhibitions both related and unrelated to your area of expertise, being aware of happenings on social media, and reading reviews and articles will guide you to developing your own style.  

Be passionate about your chosen subject

This seems blindingly obvious but on a fiercely competitive playing field, being passionate about your chosen niche is essential and it will quickly show if you aren’t. Clients will wish to know what your unique vision is and see you realise it through your own hands – they will be passionate about their work and look for the same passion mirrored back at them.

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