New publication celebrates the work of MA Photography students

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Image, the journal of MA Photography, is a brand new publication that brings together the photography projects of some of the talented practitioners who are studying on Falmouth Flexible's online course. 

It seeks to answer a tricky question: What sort of work do our students make?

As Course Coordinator Jesse Alexander explains, 'the huge diversity of what our students photograph - and perhaps more signficantly - how they go about representing them - makes defining common styles, genres, or methodologies impossible.'

The contrasting photos displayed should give you an idea of the course's ethos.

You'll find an in-depth photographic explanation of rural communities in Oregon, a visiual response to the global sand crisis, and an investigation into personal archive and portrait photography, to name just three of the projects. 


Dive into the journal here:

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Featured photo: Copyright Jo Sutherst. 

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