MA Photography student's work on display at ME conference

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Falmouth Flexible MA Photography student Yasmin Crawford has been working with researchers in the Quadram Institute as part of her project that’s bringing across how Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) affects every aspect of people’s lives.

Yasmin has a background in the life sciences and healthcare, but her career in this area was curtailed when she was diagnosed with ME in 2013. As part of her path to recovery, she decided to do an online masters degree with Falmouth University. 

Her MA work has explored many aspects of ME by using photography and the visual arts to express the hidden impacts of the condition.

According to Yasmin, “the MA from Falmouth University is a flexible and online course over two years and has given me the skills to visually communicate a lack of awareness and understanding around this debilitating condition, one that is still associated with much stigma today. It has become a way of creating a new life for myself within the visual arts and one I am able to fit around my illness.”

For her final dissertation, Yasmin wanted to look at how to communicate the research that is going into ME. Researchers at the Quadram Institute, undertaking biomedical research into the disease, became the focus of her project. 

Yasmin’s work will be on display at the 14th Invest in ME Research International ME Conference at the end of May. This conference brings together researchers, clinicians, healthcare professionals and patients – including some of the QI researchers.

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Featured image: Copyright Yasmin Crawford

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