MA Photography student wins international award

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Falmouth Flexible MA Photography student Mohammad Hasad has been honoured withDiscovery of the Year 2018” at the Lucie Awards for his “I am Rohingya” photo story. The contest was organised by International Photography Awards (IPA), USA which is a prestigious platform for photography, and it recognises any outstanding contribution to the industry.

Mohammad's powerful set of images focuses on the Rohingya, and he told us more about their plight:

'The Rohingya is a minority Muslim ethnic group who lived in Myanmar for centuries. However, due to racism and many other socio-political issues among the majority in Myanmar, they were declared as a stateless Bengali community who migrated to Myanmar from Bangladesh. In recent times, the Myanmar Army started a silent genocide to forcefully evacuate them out of the country. The recent wave of violence in 2017 has pushed nearly a million Rohingyas to cross the border of Myanmar in search for a safe refuge in Bangladesh. Many families have lost loved ones.'

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Mohammad has also been shortlisted for his “I am Rohingya” photo series under the photojournalism category at Frontline Club in London in 2018. The series was also awarded with an Honorable Mention at PDN Student Photo Contest 2018, USA.

Speaking about his experience as a Falmouth Flexible online MA Photography student, Mohammad told us that 'academic study is the best way to understand the craft of photography and how it serves society.' He went on to say that 'Falmouth University is a wonderful place to study. Students who have other obligations and responsibilities in life can choose the flexible learning path to nourish their career as a photographer.'

Thank you to Mohammad for speaking to us about his award-winning photos! See more of his work here

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All photos: Copyright M R Hasan.

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