Landings 2022: Showcasing diverse photography from students

Fri 2 Dec 2022

Landings is an annual online exhibition that is organised, curated, and designed by current Falmouth Flexible Photography students.  


The exhibitions aim is to bring together on one digital platform the practices of students from across all cohorts in the BA(Hons) Photography (Top-Up) and MA Photography courses, to share with the wider public the breadth of exploration into the photographic medium which Falmouth Flexible students are conducting.  

The Landings curation team came together to plan the approach of this year’s exhibition and it was decided that the structure would be designed to reflect Falmouth Flexible Photography’s research clusters, these being:

  • Habitats
  • Practices of Care
  • Im/material Worlds
  • Centres and Networks


After agreeing on this year’s approach, the next stage was to find the exciting and new photographic projects. 

The work presented as part of Landings 2022 was selected through an open call process, one which mimics a method photography festivals often used to discover new photography projects.  

The open call was sent out to the Falmouth Flexible Photography community, both past and present students and members of staff, inviting them to submit recent photography works - either completed or work in progress.  

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The open call also asked students to propose which one of the four research clusters that their work would sit most comfortably within. This question was added to the open call process to prompt the photographers in developing their understanding of where their individual practices are situated within current contemporary photographic research dialogues.  

Once the application period had closed the curatorial team had the fascinating task to look through all the submission and to realise a way of presenting the diverse collection of photographic works to the public. 

Each iteration of Landings uses the same webpage address to ensure continuality. This ‘landing’ page acts as the core from which exhibitions emerges, and it is the curatorial team’s task to realise how the structure is to be presented to the audience.  

For Landings 2022, the team choose to present the research clusters as the first layer of design to organise how the audience could choose to navigate through the range of works presented as part of the online exhibition.

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This was a step toward a more simplified exhibition design from previous years and activated the viewer to consider their own direction through the various bodies of work.  

To finalise the simplified design, the curatorial team developed a sleek logo using based on Morse Code, a reference to the Falmouth’s maritime connections and to ideas of alternative methods of communication. 

The response to Landings 2022 was extremely positive, both from participants whose work has gained online exposure to an international audience and from the audience who have found a connection with the projects showcased and may be inspired to create their own projects.  

All this would not have been possible without the hard work and commitment from this year’s curatorial team - Karen Aneiro, Peter Bushby and Andrew Gilbert, and guidance from Lecturer Dr Gary McLeod. Thank you again! 

Make sure you check out Landings 2022.  

Clare-Bottomley-circle2Clare Bottomley brings over ten years of education experience to her role as an online tutor for both the Photography MA and BA Top Up.

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