Introducing the app developed by our MA students in 12 weeks

Tue 1 Dec 2020

MA Creative App Development Students, Phil Penny and Carl Harrison have been working together on their idea for an app where players learn how to grow all the plants they need to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

As players progress through the game they will gain access to rare heirloom seeds, advanced growing techniques, and an encyclopaedic knowlege, with the ultimate goal of growing enough real food to feed their entire family, all year round.

Fudogotchi_App_MeaningThe pair have worked on the project as part of the Co-Creative Design and Development Project module and considered all aspects of the app's development, from market research, branding, coding and planning, through to the loading of the app at first use, testing with a cognitive walkthrough and the creation of marketing materials ready for the search for an investor. 

The pair believe that food production can be achieved so much more efficiently than it is today and that Fudogotchi is a first step toward the garden of tomorrow. Having  seen how virtual pets in the 90s and Pokémon in the Noughties transcended the gap across generations, Fudogotchi takes these concepts to the next level. Fudogotchi_App_StraplineInitially, users old and young alike are drawn in by the nurturing of their virtual plants, life lessons are taught and knowledge and education is the reward. Successful growers gain new skills which can be put into practice in their own home whilst seed sharing is intrinsic to the game and can be reflected in the real world too.

The future for Fudogotchi lies in reality; virtual plants will soon be representations of your home garden all managed from your mobile phone. 

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