How Flexible Learning Programmes Keep You Connected During Your Degree

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Collaboration Makes Flexible Learning Programmes a Team Effort
Optional Workshops Connect your Online Masters to the Rest of the World
Flexible Learning Programmes Are Guided by Student Support Resources

Online education is surrounded by myths. In particular, many prospective students express concern that the freedom and flexibility promised by an online Masters degree might come at a high price: isolation. If you do not learn in a physical classroom or study with your peers in the library, won’t you miss out on making some of the most important connections of your degree? Fortunately, Falmouth emphasises the importance of connected, collaborative learning over a global student network in the structure of its flexible learning Masters degree courses. So, not to worry—you can consider this myth debunked.

Collaboration Makes Flexible Learning Programmes a Team Effort

Flexible learning presents many opportunities for students to work with each other and engage with each other’s work. Courses provide space for small group and class discussions so material is grounded in dialogue, and online critiques allow students to improve their own work and develop critical skills by evaluating their peers. Online webinars, student blogs, and discussion boards facilitate questions, discussions, debates, and the exchange of ideas between members. With students participating from all over the world, this format allows for the development of an enriching community based on the exchange of a diverse range of cultures, experiences, and areas of expertise.

Furthermore, courses offer ongoing individual and group tutorials, which ensure connections between students and tutors on a one-to-one basis, as well as between students in a smaller learning environment. Individuals who pursue an online Masters course already have valuable experience and insights to bring to the table. Connection with tutors and other students is not a bonus feature; rather, it is an integral component of Falmouth’s courses.

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Falmouth’s flexible MA courses help students harness the power of collective insight

Optional Workshops Connect your Online Masters to the Rest of the World

Even with the benefits of online collaboration, the approach behind flexible learning recognises that face-to-face, in-person interactions can be grounding for students and offer an unparalleled opportunity for building lasting professional networks. As such, Falmouth’s courses each have two optional residential workshops per year where students can meet each other and members of the course team, attend lecturer workshops, network with industry professionals, and engage in personal development opportunities.

Optional residential workshops can be a great setting for students from across the globe to swap insights, cultural perspectives, and ideas to develop more well-rounded projects. For example, in Falmouth’s online Masters in Creative App Development, student app projects range from software add-ons to mobile applications to bespoke hardware and more. A flexible learning Masters course is your opportunity to expand your professional network with others who are as curious, insightful, and motivated as you are.

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Make lasting connections with fellow students when you pursue an MA with Falmouth

Flexible Learning Programmes Are Guided by Student Support Resources

Finally, online Falmouth courses are guided by the same commitment to student support as the on-campus programmes. Online Student Advisors are available for any questions, while the online learning platform for Falmouth’s flexible learning courses is aided by technical support to help with potential troubleshooting. Students also have access to a diverse array of digital library resources ensuring a well-informed educational experience.

Career support is also a foundational feature of the courses. For example, Falmouth’s creative MA Degree programmes—which include a software Application Development degree, Photography degree, and Creative Events Management degree (to name just a few)—incorporate internationally-informed, career-focused components to ensure that graduates are in the best possible position to translate their creativity and learning into lucrative, fulfilling career outcomes in diverse industries, no matter where they are located.

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