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Tue 1 Dec 2020

If you are passionate about a career in advertising, then you have likely at least thought about the prospect of working for an ad agency. Whether you dream of working for a small firm or at a large multinational with high-profile clients, the agency life is certainly one that appeals to many professionals and aspiring advertisers.

What characteristics and qualifications does a person need to work in such an environment? In our latest blog post, we have outlined the ways that an MA in Advertising Strategy & Planning can help shape you into a strong ad agency candidate.

Agencies are Looking for Digitally-Oriented Professionals

Digitisation has had an impact on every industry, including advertising. According to Ad Age, digital accounts comprised more than 40% of agency revenue as of 2015, and these revenues are rising. Clients are expecting digital marketing and advertising solutions, and top agencies are seeking candidates who can help provide them.

Falmouth’s flexible online learning approach provides an authentic environment for learning to apply your skills digitally – after all, your course takes place in the digital realm. Modules such as Media Strategy and Channels can also help students develop an understanding of the different channels and platforms that are central to a digital strategy.

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A forward-thinking online education is a great way for digitally savvy professionals to grow

Online MA Degrees Prepare You for Collaborative Work

A key skill among successful ad agency professionals is the ability to work well collaboratively. Not only do you need to be able to work together effectively with your own team members, but you also need to be able to keep the processes of your other collaborators in mind to ensure that the end product aligns well with the client’s needs. For instance, if you are working in an agency as a media planner, you will need to consider the creative brief from the account planner while also ensuring that your work contributes to a successful media strategy.

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A successful agency is comprised of team members that work together quickly and effectively

In Falmouth’s online Master’s Programmes in Advertising Strategy & Planning, you will gain experience working and presenting collaboratively with your international cohort of classmates. The flexible online learning format includes group discussions, critiques, tutorials, and assignments, all of which can help you communicate your ideas more effectively, learn from the expertise of others, and become more equipped to function effectively in a team setting.

Falmouth’s Advertising Strategy & Planning Masters Gives You a Comprehensive Outlook 

Finally, the collaborative skills described above can only be exercised if you have a big picture strategic outlook on your agency’s accounts and assignments. Regardless of the specific agency role you want, understanding how every staff member works together to produce an outstanding final product will help you optimise your contributions (not to mention the positive impression this outlook will give potential agency employers).

Falmouth’s Advertising Strategy & Planning Masters Degree provides students with a foundational knowledge of advertising strategy and planning that is both broad and detailed, with modules covering everything from branding to communications, to agency management, creative development and more. With this comprehensive understanding of the advertising process, Falmouth’s MA graduates are in a great position to bring their well-rounded expertise into the fast-paced, dynamic world of the modern ad agency.

Could agency life be the perfect match for your ambitions?

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