How a degree has helped graduate Kerry progress in events management

Wed 7 Sep 2022

Kerry MannKerry Mann is a graduate of the Falmouth Flexible MA Creative Events Management and an Events Fundraiser for a national charity. We spoke to Kerry about what motivated her to study the course, how it’s impacted her career and why she feels a degree is valuable in the events management industry. 

Why did you choose to study online with Falmouth Flexible?  

Kerry: When I was looking at the courses that were available, I really wanted something that was focused on both industry and academic background. For me, the Falmouth Flexible course encapsulated both parts of that nicely.  

I wanted academic interest and research and to be able to really get stuck into that theory, but the course also enabled me to have some real-life experience that I've directly replicated in my jobs, which was fantastic.  

The course was online, so I could study from anywhere. I picked the best university for the course content, the support and the flexibility. I didn't want to uproot; I didn't want to move - I've done that for my undergrad. It really suited where I was in my personal life as well. 

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What did you enjoy most about studying Creative Events Management at Falmouth?  

Kerry: One thing that really came through to me was the academics’ experience. On my course they have such a wealth of knowledge in events management, from all sorts of different industries as well. Throughout the course we had different points of view from the academics, and there were also students from so many different countries.  

It was so interesting to have a starting point of a discussion and then be able to hear contributions from around the world as to how that impacted events management in their country and in their experiences. 

I got a real breadth of deeper understanding from the course. It wasn't just what was in the textbook, it was being able to talk, to discuss, to think the big issues through, that made it interesting and lifted things off the page.  

How has the course impacted your career?  

Kerry: Because the course was so wide in its breadth, it covered many different aspects of event management. It was interesting to look at areas that I was more familiar with in my career, as well as at areas that I had no experience in whatsoever.  

I was able to see whether I was interested in those areas and dabble in them a little bit. It’s really helped me think about what I want to do in my career and implement other areas of events management in my current job.  

I've gone for a new position since I've been on the course and it helped in that interview that I was able to discuss the topics in events management and show that I'd really considered different areas of the subject, areas I was an expert in, as well as areas where I was a complete beginner.  

We also did a group project as part of the course. We put on an online event ourselves and I was able to say in my job interview that I had gone through the whole process of creating an event online. The technology we used was cutting edge and it was great to be able to discuss that and give a real-world example. 

You might come on the course thinking you know everything about one area of events management, but then you get to talk to so many different people in jobs that you didn't even know existed before you started the course. It gives you that ability to then see exactly where you fit within the industry.  

How can a degree help you progress in the events management industry?  

Kerry: A degree is attractive in the events management industry because if you’ve thought about the theoretical background of the field, it really sets you apart. A lot of people develop events management experience. I started helping at events and volunteering and then progressed from there.  

However, there's so much background to events management that you can drill into. I was really interested in audience experience and satisfaction, and there's a wealth of information out there that isn't necessarily being used in the industry. The knowledge I gained is something that I use in my day-to-day job now. 

Kerry, are there any final words you want to say about Falmouth Flexible?  

Kerry: I've just loved my experience. I think it's been seamless from start to finish and the online learning platform is great. The contacts that I've had with tutors and their expertise have been amazing. I feel like I've really developed a relationship with so many people.  

Thank you! 

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