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Tue 1 Dec 2020

Nature Picture Preparation During an Online Photography Degree
Patience and Perseverance are Essential for Nature Photography in a Masters Degree Online
Students Pursuing a Masters in Photography Online Know the Best Camera Settings for Nature Pics

For many photographers, spending time outdoors seeking the perfect nature shot is the best thing in the world. Capturing scenes like a majestic sunset behind a mountain, a wild animal in action or a towering tree's colours in autumn make for inspiringly timeless photography. The accessibility of digital cameras has made nature photography more popular than ever, making it more challenging to create truly stunning shots.

Effective nature photography requires preparation, patience and perseverance, and the ability to adapt to unexpected conditions and shifting light. Encouraging creative approaches to composition, filters, and exposure rewards thoughtful talents with unforgettable images. Here are some tips to keep in mind.  

Nature Picture Preparation During an Online Photography Degree

While part of the appeal of nature photography is its unpredictability, professional practitioners understand the importance of doing their homework before setting out. Determine the locations or wildlife you intend to shoot as much as possible so you can pack the appropriate gear, dress for the weather and conditions, and even anticipate an animal's movements. Research what is generally photographed at your chosen destination both to know what to look for, and to avoid cliché.

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Effective preparation for nature photography includes packing a quality tripod

Check weather forecasts, learn any park rules and restraints that may be in place, and invest in the necessary equipment. Choose a quality tripod that can be comfortably carried for long distances to achieve consistently sharp images and a good bag with rain cover. Sturdy shoes or hiking boots, a breathable jacket and other sensible clothing will keep you comfortable as you wait for the perfect moment to arrive.

Patience and Perseverance are Essential for Nature Photography in a Masters Degree Online

Be prepared to wait a long time to capture that perfect shot, particularly for wildlife photography. Students pursuing a photography degree online often return to the same spot several times, waiting for hours and hours for the desired animal to appear or for the right conditions. You might want to bring along a book or something to watch on your smartphone whilst you hide in a strategic position, being sure to frequently check the scene before you. Getting that powerful image in the end makes all those hours worth it.

Students Pursuing a Masters in Photography Online Know the Best Camera Settings for Nature Pics

As nature photography is essentially painting with light, adjusting the shutter speed and aperture appropriately captures the full range of colour and detail. In most situations, professionals with a Masters in photography online will use the lowest ISO possible for the sharpest image quality but increase it in lower light or to capture rapid wildlife movements. Polarizing or Neutral Density filters can create great colour contrast or compensate for overly bright days, respectively.

Nature pictures present intriguing opportunities to experiment with composition, filters and exposures. Fascinating foregrounds can add desirable depth to your images while framing your subject with beautiful clouds, leaves or water can create a sense of energy or movement.

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Aperture priority mode can be very useful for ensuring correct exposure when shooting moving animals across unevenly lit environments. Wide-angle lenses with a small aperture are most popular for providing a sense of space in landscape images. Keep an open mind to quickly react to surprise developments and trust your eye to intuitively interpret your surroundings.  

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