A Brief History of Photojournalism for MA Photography students

Tue 1 Dec 2020

A Brief History of Photojournalism for Students Earning a Masters in Photography Online
Embracing the Future of Photojournalism with an Online Masters Degree in Photography

Photography is a uniquely powerful medium, a universal communication tool that can be leveraged as an art form or as an instrument for social change. Captured images can convey ephemeral moments in time that express particular emotions or moods, perhaps symbolising larger movements or world events. While photographers have always documented the world around them, photojournalism is a field specifically focused on forming visual narratives that illuminate and clarify the issues of our time.

Creative individuals seeking to deepen the quality and sophistication of their craft in the constantly evolving photography medium often choose to pursue a Masters degree in Photography. Diverse practitioners on Falmouth University's Flexible Learning course develop a greater appreciation for the interconnectivity of photography and the full spectrum of social and geo-political activity as they embrace dynamic approaches for using photography to interrogate the world around them.

With their internationally recognised postgraduate qualification, graduates may pursue an exciting career in photojournalism, telling stories with images.

A Brief History of Photojournalism for Students Earning a Masters in Photography Online

The trajectory of photojournalism throughout history largely corresponds with the technological evolution of the camera. While photographers were using primitive box cameras to document British soldiers in action as early as the mid-19th century, it wasn't until the 35mm Leica camera was introduced in the 1930s that the first golden age of photojournalism began. This newfound portability enabled photographers to become immersed in emerging news stories, delivering fresh and timely images that featured prominently in newspapers and magazines around the world.

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Portable cameras enable photojournalists to become immersed in emerging stories

Over the decades, the cultural importance of photojournalism has become recognised by the art world, expanding the visibility of these visual storytellers through countless exhibitions in museums and galleries. Since digital technology and wireless internet has vastly expanded the accessibility and versatility of photography, photojournalists pursuing a Masters degree in photography online can take and store many more pictures and upload them instantly for up-to-the-minute updates on current events.

Embracing the Future of Photojournalism with an Online Masters Degree in Photography

Photojournalism differentiates itself from other fields of professional photography by its adherence to the principles of journalistic integrity, providing a fair and accurate representation of the context of events and facts reported. This responsibility to the public implies an obligation to convey the whole truth in all visual reporting. With the recent ubiquity of "citizen journalists"—anyone with a camera on their phone who is in the right place at the right time—objectivity and substance is sometimes sacrificed in exchange for an exclusive image of a groundbreaking news story.

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Photojournalists are depended upon to provide objective documentation

While traditional print media has become much less popular in this age of the internet, consumers are no less dependent on talented photojournalists to connect them with distant realities. As digital photography has created numerous new ways to share news, including multimedia and even documentary films, graduates with a Masters in photography online can now reach more people than ever with instant impact. The field is continuously evolving both technologically and socially but today's accelerated pace of transmission and voracious demand for exceptional images to accompany breaking stories make it an important and exciting potential career path. 

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