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Tue 1 Dec 2020

Create Your Own Online Master’s Degree Schedule
Connect with Online Masters Degree Students to Boost Your Professional Network
An Online MA Degree Will Enhance Your Professional Reputation

More and more mature students are now considering returning to education in order to create further opportunities in their future careers. In 2014, UCAs reported record numbers of successful mature applicants, with over 100,000 students over 20 enrolling in colleges and universities across the country.

Unfortunately, returning to education full-time is not an option for everyone. The cost of university, together with other financial responsibilities, can mean that leaving full-time employment to study is not possible. In addition, many professionals who have already established themselves in a particular field may be reluctant to take time away for their career, even if having additional qualifications could prove beneficial in the long-term.

Flexible learning provides the best of both worlds, allowing students to gain a respected qualification that will help enhance their career prospects while continuing to work in their chosen field.

Create Your Own Online Master’s Degree Schedule

Creative professionals sometimes work long, irregular hours. Young professionals struggling to make their way in industries like marketing and advertising or events management often have to put in extra time on the job to get ahead, while even older established professionals find themselves with the extra burden of running their own business or dealing with high-level management work.

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Online MA degrees are tailored for creative professionals who work long, irregular hours

That’s why Falmouth’s online masters degree is designed to work around your professional commitments. You can create a course schedule that suits you, while still completing your degree in just two years of part-time study.

In addition, many Falmouth Flexible instructors are still active in the creative industries. They understand the challenges you face, and are always available to provide guidance through live feedback sessions which can be arranged at your convenience.

Here’s what Falmouth MA in creative advertising graduate Bryan Stewart had to say about his instructors:

“The tutors at Falmouth make the course what it is. Their professional approach to running the course bridges the gap between work and education. Because of their successes within the industry they are able to offer opportunities that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Connect with Online Masters Degree Students to Boost Your Professional Network

Many students assume that pursuing an online MA degree doesn’t afford you much chance to get to know the other students on your course, but that isn’t the case at Falmouth Flexible. Through group projects, online discussions, and residential workshops around the world, students are encouraged to work towards their goals together.

And as most of your classmates are actively working within the creative industries, you’ll make valuable connections with professionals all over the world, helping open up new career possibilities that you would never have expected. 

An Online MA Degree Will Enhance Your Professional Reputation

While continuing to work full time as you pursue a masters degree can be tough, you will reap the rewards in your career. Falmouth is recognised as the UK’s number one arts university, and graduates are highly sought after by employers.

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Obtaining an MA at Falmouth can lead to life-changing career opportunities

Here’s what MA Graduate and Producer at Thompson Reuters Amy Pollock had to say about the university’s reputation:

“Falmouth’s reputation in the creative industries is practically unrivalled. I’ve encountered Falmouth graduates everywhere I’ve been since graduating. I can honestly say that without my MA I wouldn’t be in my current job.”

In fact, if you let your employers know you’re working towards an MA at Falmouth Flexible, you might even find that opportunities for career advancement open up before you’ve even completed your course. And with the extra knowledge and training you’ll receive, you can be sure that you’ll have the skills to take on any new challenge.

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