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Tue 1 Dec 2020

Take Advantage of Financial Flexibility and Support to Complete Your Online MA Degree
Would You Know That for As Little As Approximately £25/Day, You Could Earn a UK Master’s Degree?

For some, earning a Master’s degree is the next step in their career, ensuring they get their dream job or perhaps the promotion they’ve got their eye on. For others, a Master’s degree can be a way to uncover opportunities they did not know were available to them or simply a way of pursuing a passion. No matter your end goal, earning your Master’s degree from a top tier university such as Falmouth will help you achieve your career goals and personal aspirations. With the turn of a new year, it’s never been a better time to invest in yourself by setting new education and career resolutions.

Understandably so, after having already invested time in a Bachelor’s degree, advanced diploma, or a career, you may be wary to invest even more time and money into an MA programme. However, an MA degree from a renowned university like Falmouth is invaluable.

Because of Falmouth Flexible’s online learning model and financial support options, your MA is more accessible than you think. Continue reading to discover how investing in and beginning a Master’s degree programme is an achievable goal for 2017.

Take Advantage of Financial Flexibility and Support to Complete Your Online MA Degree

When deciding whether to enrol in an online Master's degree programme, you may be concerned about the financial strain it could place on you and your family. While enrolling in an MA programme is indeed an investment, it is well worth the payoff. Additionally, Falmouth Flexible offers students several different means of payment to suit their financial situations.

Students can choose to pay their tuition in one lump payment and receive a £750 discount, making their total tuition just £8,750. Students may also waive the discount and choose to pay the full tuition amount in 6 equal payments spread across 2 years.

Artistic-minded professionals can grow

Falmouth has bursaries and discounts available to support online MA degree students

In an effort to make advanced postgraduate education available to professionals around the globe, Falmouth also offers early bird discounts, refer a friend rewards, a 15% discount for Falmouth alumni, and a significant bursary for students in developing counties. The Falmouth Flexible Bursary Fund of £30,000 rewards deserving students with financial aid towards their tuition and expenses.

Would You Know That for As Little As Approximately £25/Day, You Could Earn a UK Master’s Degree?

With a new year comes new objectives and new career goals. Artistic-minded professionals can greatly expand their career potential after earning their online MA degree. Not only will it pay off in self fulfillment and career satisfaction, but it is financially beneficial as well. In fact, the UK’s creative industry is currently thriving and is expected to continue its growth.

According to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), in 2015, the UK’s creative industries generated £87 billion to the country’s economy. In addition, the number of jobs available to graduates with creative training increased by 3.2% from 2014 to 2015. The creative industries are also significant in the United States, driving $698 billion into the economy and making up about 4.32% of the USA’s GDP. This means there is plenty of opportunity for professionals with creative training.

When broken down, Falmouth’s tuition costs approximately £25 per day. At first glance this may seem costly, but by moderately altering your spending habits you can offset most of that financial burden. For example, if you purchase breakfast and coffee on your way to work every morning for approximately £10 you could make one of your New Year’s resolutions to bring your coffee and breakfast from home. By doing this you’ve already covered a substantial portion of your Falmouth tuition costs. By taking a look at your daily spending habits and making several small adjustments, your Master’s degree could easily be within reach this year.

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