Considering a Career Change? Make the Leap with Flexible Courses

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Signs that Flexible Learning Courses May Be For You
How Flexible Learning Courses Simplify Your Career Transition

While you may know a few people who knew what they wanted to do in life from a young age, most of us travel a long and winding road to our eventual career paths. Undergraduate study programs typically include a broad range of course content, leading to entry level positions and subsequent employment that are often dependent on available opportunities, not necessarily aligned with your long-term goals.

Postgraduate programmes are an opportunity to make a career transition to the type of work you really want, providing the focused skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in diverse professional contexts. Today's young people aren't waiting around for retirement—they want meaningful employment with a sense of purpose. When your work is fulfilling and making a real difference, its impact becomes substantially greater and is a source of personal empowerment.   

If you're passionate about creative work like photography, flexible learning courses can help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence to find your dream job. Studying primarily through an online learning platform, you have the flexibility to learn at your convenience while maintaining all the rigour and prestige of Falmouth University's on-campus courses.

Signs that Flexible Learning Courses May Be For You

Life is too short to spend it doing uninspiring work. Too many people settle into unsatisfying employment because it's convenient, the money is good, or they fear they won't be able to find something better. Simply realising that your work is making you stressed or unhappy is an important first step to manifesting change. Where do your values and talents meet?

The sooner you choose to make that leap to pursuits that are more worthy of your time, the quicker you can get involved in more interesting and challenging projects. Creative work that you're passionate about inspires motivation that translates to healthier patterns throughout all aspects of your life. Changing careers always seems like a risk but we need to take chances to live a meaningful existence—otherwise, we may end up looking back with regret at what could have been.

How Flexible Learning Courses Simplify Your Career Transition

If you feel you've reached a professional ceiling, earning a Master of Arts (MA) will open a whole new range of exciting career opportunities or give you the skills and credibility to advance in your current progression. Having related work experience under your belt gives you an advantage when pursuing postgraduate study, providing a foundation of exposure to real-world conditions that can be referenced during your flexible learning courses.

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If your passion is photography, an MA could make your dreams a reality

A key benefit of flexible learning is that there's no need to pause your career—you can continue to earn as you learn! Your CV and portfolio are considered for as part of the application process, and the creative courses are designed to accommodate a broad range of practitioners. The temporary costs and sacrifices are a valuable investment in your future, and the courses are designed to adapt to your individual needs as a working professional.

As you pursue a Master's in Photography or other exciting creative career paths, a wealth of collaborative activities and student support services help you reach your full potential. Falmouth University's cutting-edge curriculum and international reputation for excellence provides an ideal springboard to rewarding careers in the creative industries.

Are you ready to make the leap with a MA degree course in photography?

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