Brands that are getting social media right in 2018

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Earlier this year, Facebook dropped the bombshell announcement that it would be all but hiding brand content in news feeds in favour of updates from friends and family. Marketers everywhere lamented the drastic dip in organic reach and engagement that resulted from the algorithm change. But is organic reach really dead? Savvy brands have adapted their social media strategy to reach new audiences and develop a loyal customer base. Here are some of the companies that are getting it right.


With more than 125 million subscribers (about 25% more than its closest competitor), Netflix is the undisputed leader in video streaming. Its high-quality content and excellent customer service have helped it sail through several recent controversies, including a price hike in 2016 and a blanket ban on the use of virtual private networks a year later. The company also has a talented marketing team that has its finger firmly on the cultural pulse. Unafraid to communicate with its audience on a personal level, Netflix uses humour and creativity in its posts, focusing on quality over quantity and frequently hitting the viral jackpot. The company is also adept at listening to its customers – when many of its social media users complained about falling asleep while binge-watching shows, Netflix developed a smart socks accessory that can detect when users begin to doze off and sends a signal to their televisions to pause the show. A massive viral success, Netflix Socks helped to win customer loyalty by demonstrating the company’s willingness to listen and respond.

Social media lesson: Be an active listener.


Online retailer Wayfair has taken advantage of the shopping features that Instagram rolled out in 2017 to create a seamless shopping experience for its customers through social media. Posting beautiful interior home décor photos, the company makes shoppable posts that users can click on to view all the products available for purchase. A ‘Shop Now’ button sends them directly to Wayfair’s site for a smooth and easy purchasing experience that encourages repeat business.

Social media lesson: Use a platform that fits your brand.


Focusing on user engagement, Tennessee-based, family-owned snack brand MoonPie has gained thousands of social media fans with its witty banter and quirky posts. A snarky, unpunctuated response to a tweet from competitor Hostess in 2017 earned a staggering 1.1 billion impressions across social media channels and became one of the best brand tweets of all time, showing the value of connecting to fans in a wholesome but non-traditional way.

Social media lesson: Engage with users (even the trolls).

Wholesome Culture

As its name suggests, fashion brand Wholesome Culture embraces all aspects of healthy, plant-based lifestyles, and has developed its social media strategy accordingly. Interspersing regular brand content with viral memes and vegan recipes that are relevant to the target audience, the company boosts engagement and attracts new followers by using strategic lifestyle hashtags such as #govegan #plantbased and #animalrights.

Social media lesson: Integrate the brand’s core values with relevant (but not necessarily directly related) content.

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