Bored at work?

Tue 1 Dec 2020

If you’re feeling bored at work right now, you’re not alone. According to a study by global human resource consulting firm Robert Half, employees are bored 10.5 hours of their work week on average. But being bored at work doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to quit your job. There could be other factors at play that are contributing to you feeling the boredom slump.

Here are 4 strategies that can help you if you’re feeling bored at work:

1.       Get enough sleep

Feelings of boredom are often linked to a lack of energy. Sleep gives us the mental, emotional and physical boost we need to get through the day.

A study showed that a lack of sleep for even just one night has a negative impact on decision-making and innovative thinking. That means staying up late to binge-watch your favourite Netflix series could be having more of a harmful impact on your work than you think.

The importance of sleep can’t be overstated – there have been many other studies that have found a lack of sleep can have adverse affects on your long-term health and wellbeing.

So be sure to consistently get between 7-9 hours sleep a night. This will give your body the time it needs to restore its energy levels and ensure you wake up ready to take on your workday full of energy and mental clarity.

2.       Take a reality check

Psychology Today reported between 30 to 90% of American adults experience boredom at some point in their daily lives, as well as 91 to 98% of youth. So, basically, boredom is a normal part of our everyday lives to some extent. It’s how we manage boredom that makes all the difference.

Having emotional intelligence (EQ) and self-awareness is key. People who lack self-awareness are typically more prone to boredom. Also, research has shown that 90% of top performers are high in EQ, while just 20% of bottom performers are high in EQ. Having self-awareness, effective self-management skills, social awareness and good relationship management skills will all help you increase your EQ.

When you’re bored at work, it’s usually the job or your manager that gets the blame. But depending on the true cause of your boredom, taking a reality check and using your EQ can help you see things from a clearer, broader perspective. It will also motivate you to take assertive action and make the changes you need in your job to improve your job satisfaction, without relying or waiting on your manager to do it for you.

3.       Change your surroundings

A change really is as good as a holiday. And that goes for your workspace, too. If your employer allows it, spruce up your workspace so that it’s more of a reflection of your personality and the things you enjoy. Think of it as a small extension of your own personal space at home. You might want to decorate it with posters that reflect your interests, or photos that bring you joy. Be as creative and imaginative as you can be so that your workspace really does feel like home (to some degree, at least).

Also, if you use a laptop at work, take the opportunity to leave the office when you can and head outdoors to somewhere you can be productive and enjoy at the same time. Whether it be a café, a beach, or a park, getting out of the office at regular intervals can be just what you need to get your motivation back on-track.

4.       Challenge yourself

If you feel like you’ve tried out all the possible solutions and you’re still consistently feeling bored at work, it might be time for a change – whether it’s another job within your organisation or a job elsewhere.

Either way, studying a course that challenges and motivates you could be just the ticket you need to get out of your boredom slump and into a new and exciting role. Research courses in areas that are of interest to you and look for online course options that will allow you the flexibility to continue working and earning an income while you study.

Studying will not only help to challenge you, stimulate your mind and boost your motivation, it will also help put you in a far better position to land your next role.

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