Best programming languages to learn in 2018

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Software development is a constantly changing field. As an app developer, you can’t learn a single programming language and expect to be able to make an entire career out of it – as the market changes, you’ll need to continually learn new skills to stay relevant. We look at some of the current most in-demand coding languages.



Derived from C++, Java is an object-oriented language that produces software for multiple platforms. Although Java has decreased in popularity over the past year, it remains one of the most widely used and best-established programming languages. All Android apps are based on Java, it is used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies for backend development, and there are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide. Despite being around for nearly 20 years, Java has constantly evolved to remain relevant and it is known for its fast performance, reliability, and security.



A general-purpose, object-oriented programming language named after comedy group Monty Python, Python is widely used for web development and systems management, as well as big data analytics and machine intelligence. With syntax that is designed to be readable and straightforward, Python is one of the easier programming languages to learn. It is also widely supported, running on every major operating system and platform and many minor ones. Many top companies (including Google, Facebook, and Instagram) rely on Python, making it a solid choice for trainee programmers seeking future employment.



Primarily a client-side, dynamic scripting language used for front-end development, JavaScript is used in about 95% of all web pages. According to Stack Overflow’s 2017 survey, it is the most popular programming language, with more than 60% of respondents claiming to use it. Not to be confused with Java, JavaScript works alongside HTML and CSS to build interactive websites, although its usage has also extended to mobile and desktop app development and game development. Since JavaScript can be coded straight from the browser without the need to set up a development environment, it is a useful language for beginner coders to start with.



One of the old-school programming languages, C++ is difficult to master and maintain but remains in high demand because of its reliability and high level of performance. Many large software companies use C++ as their main technology, including PayPal, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Adobe.



A scripting language on the server side, PHP is used for web development – over 80% of the top 10 million websites use it, including Wikipedia, Tumblr, and Yahoo. If you are planning a career as a freelance developer PHP is a good language to learn because many small businesses use content management systems such as WordPress or Wix that are dependent on PHP. Freelance work maintaining WordPress sites or creating plugins is easy to procure once you have mastered the language, and many beginner coders find PHP an easy language to pick up.


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