What are the benefits of applying early for your course?

Tue 2 Feb 2021

Find out the benefits of starting the application process for your chosen course as early as possible. 

Applying for a Masters is a process that warrants a high amount of attention and thoughtfulness. By starting on your application early, you can increase your chances of securing a spot on your course, giving yourself a number of advantages that will be felt upon starting your studies as well.

Here are some of the ways that applying early can benefit you:

Less rush compiling application documents

To be considered for a Falmouth Flexible course, you’ll typically be required to submit a few different documents in support of your application. These can include:

Scans of your degree transcripts and certificates

If you plan on meeting your programme’s entry requirements by proving your academic qualifications, you’ll need to upload colour scans of any relevant degrees plus the transcript of your marks from each year. If any of your documents aren’t in English, please note that you’ll need to provide a certified translation as well.

Your English language test results

All Falmouth Flexible courses require proof of your proficiency in English if you don’t speak it as a first language. We accept result certificates from TOEFL iBT and LanguageCert – both of which can be taken online – along with the IELTS. Make sure to check the required test scores detailed on your course page before submitting your final application.

Essays, portfolios, and other requested work

Depending on the programme, you may also be required to submit additional documents to help verify your experience and/or interest in the subject. For example, you may be asked to complete a written assignment or submit examples of your past work in the form of a PDF or digital portfolio.

For certain courses, these documents will serve as the main way for you to demonstrate your eligibility if you cannot meet their academic requirements, so it’s important that you have the time to put these together carefully.

More time to meet conditional offers

If you receive a conditional offer from our Admissions Team, it means that your acceptance to the programme depends on you meeting a course requirement such as your English language test result.

By applying early, you give yourself enough room to book the most convenient dates and time slots for your tests, along with giving yourself enough time to retake them if needed.

Keep in mind that we’ll save your place on the course up until the cut-off date for meeting your offer requirements – be sure to speak to your Course Advisor about these specifics.

Earlier course acceptance and a greater adjustment period

The earlier you submit your application, the sooner you’ll know whether you’ve been accepted into your course – which in turn means more flexibility to prepare for its start date.

This can include giving yourself more time to set up a suitable study space, or coordinating with your workplace if you need to devise a new schedule that accommodates your different commitments.

By getting ahead of these tasks, you’ll be well-positioned to smoothly transition into your life as a part-time student and enjoy your course from day one.

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