Assembling Your Dream Events' Team: 3 Steps for Events Managers

Tue 1 Dec 2020

Events Management Masters Align Teams with an Event's Goals
An Events Management Masters Degree Will Help you Choose the Right Team Members
Effective Communication is Essential for Pros with an Events Management Masters

Producing impressive events amidst ever increasing audience expectations often requires assembling and coordinating an effective team. After all, you can't do it all yourself—cultivating strong partnerships with well chosen specialists and other staff is an essential prerequisite for successful events. Your employees are the face of your event, strengthening relationships with participants as you work together towards a common goal.

To develop expertise in producing pioneering local or international events, current or aspiring practitioners in the field often pursue an MA in Creative Events Management from an internationally recognised institution like Falmouth University. The academic rigour and wide-ranging events expertise provided by this flexible learning approach empowers creative and entrepreneurial students with the confidence and proficiency to significantly advance their professional practice without having to put their careers on hold.

The resulting leadership skills from Masters studies will prove important for assembling a dream team appropriately aligned with meeting each event's overall goals. Here are some tips gleaned from industry experts.

Events Management Masters Align Teams with an Event's Goals

As the success of any project is generally measured according to the extent it accomplishes stated goals, establishing clarity for an event's objectives should be the first priority of any event planner. Your goals will greatly influence the particular strengths or specialisations of individuals you seek out, the number of staff hired, the timing of hiring and training, the image your team projects, and more.    

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Establish your event's goals to communicate them to team members

Your budget will of course be an important factor in gathering your core team, identifying limitations and where you can focus your efforts. Being able to clearly communicate your goals, or one unifying purpose, will help team members understand their specific role and working arrangements leading up to the event, providing a foundation from which they may guide other supporting staff.

An Events Management Masters Degree Will Help you Choose the Right Team Members

Estimate the size, duration, and audience of your upcoming event as much as possible to determine the number and characteristics of ideal team members. Although the composition of your team will vary significantly according to the nature of your event, larger functions may include program administrators, a creative committee (photo/video, marketing, decoration), operations management (performers, security, facility labour) and treasurers.

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Effective communication and goal alignment can help create your dream team

Some of these roles will focus on pre-event preparation, some will require commitment only during the day of the event, and others may continue through the entire event lifecycle. Throughout your career, you will gradually accumulate contact sheets of trusted partners whose performance can be relied upon but finding the right people initially can be challenging. Positive word of mouth from fellow managers can provide ongoing context and specific feedback. Practitioners with an events management masters degree may join professional networking groups, asking detailed questions about how candidates do business.

Effective Communication is Essential for Pros with an Events Management Masters

Understand your own strengths and weaknesses to find competent and cohesive team members that also share your business values and working style. As each partner is a representation of your event management team, it's important that you have confidence in their behaviour, reliability, teamwork skills, and safety on the job. Effective communication starts from an honest explanation of the job at the relationship's beginning and should continue with frequent updates and meetings as the event nears.

Students pursuing an events management masters engage in regular collaboration as they harness international events expertise. The best events managers continue this practice throughout their careers, leveraging the ideas of their partners to make the best events possible, then sharing in successes to ensure long and mutually beneficial relationships.

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