An MA in Event Management Programme That Fits Your Schedule

Tue 1 Dec 2020

An MA in Event Management is a Great Option for Established Pros
Starting Your Career? Earning Your Online Master’s Degree Won’t Slow You Down
Your Ticket to a Brighter Future in the Growing Event Management Industry

For event management professionals, time management is everything. Ensuring that an event goes according to plan often means working long hours to keep up with an incredibly tight schedule, as you strive to ensure everything is in place and every detail has been attended to.

So how can you make time to pursue further education in your field while still keeping up with such an incredibly demanding job? An online Master’s programme gives you the freedom to do just that, allowing you to obtain a recognised qualification without having to rearrange your working life to do it.

Read on to find out why flexible learning is the perfect fit for professionals in the event management sector.

An MA in Event Management is a Great Option for Established Pros

If you’re already established in the event management industry, it might seem like obtaining a Master’s degree is out of the question for you. Professionals involved in large-scale events often need to be on call 24 hours a day before, during, and after a project, ready to tackle any problems that arise. Not only that, but events like concerts, conferences, and exhibitions all involve fairly irregular hours, and can mean that attending regular classes simply isn’t an option.

An online Master’s degree allows you to study when it suits you, rather than fitting into someone else’s timetable. This means you can devote your full attention to your work whenever you need to, ensuring your professional life doesn’t suffer while still updating and upgrading your skills to stay ahead of the game in a changing industry.

ma in events management online

Established event managers need to be able to give their full attention to their work

Starting Your Career? Earning Your Online Master’s Degree Won’t Slow You Down

Managing your time can be just as difficult for those who are just getting started in the event management industry. While obtaining the specialised knowledge and skills you need to progress is essential, you may still need to keep working in order to support yourself and gain experience. You might even be working on your own events in your spare time to build your portfolio, and be reluctant to put these projects on hold.     

An MA in Event Management  gives you the option to do all three. By planning your studies around your other commitments you earn a qualification that will really help your career, while still enjoying the stability and experience you gain from your current position. And if you’re currently working in an entry-level events position or a related industry, such as hospitality, the knowledge you gain throughout your course might even help convince your employers to let you take on more responsibilities as you progress.

Additionally, since you create your own schedule, you can easily set aside time to create your own opportunities, working on other projects that can add to your portfolio and help you build a more impressive CV. And with plenty of chances to collaborate and network with peers all over the world through online critiques and group discussions during your programme, who knows what exciting opportunities could come your way?

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An event management master’s programme can prepare you to take on new responsibilities

Your Ticket to a Brighter Future in the Growing Event Management Industry

Regardless of what stage of your career you are at currently, a Master’s degree can be vital to helping you progress. Event management is evolving all the time, embracing current trends, incorporating new technologies, and expanding into diverse areas.

Falmouth’s online Master’s programme is designed in consultation with industry experts to ensure you get the most timely and up-to-date training possible, exposing you to fresh new ideas and concepts that will fuel your creativity and give you the tools you need to take your career to the next level.

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